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Various Artists - From The Dark Volume 2

Various Artists

From The Dark Volume 2

Following on from the success of 'From The Dark Volume 1', Cultivated Electronics return with another world-class track-list of artists from across th... more...

2LP Cultivated Electronics: CE027 € 19,99

Bobby Cazanova - Only 1

Bobby Cazanova

Only 1

Cosmic supply of house and electro tinged sentiments!

12inch Childsplay: KID03 € 12,99

Elecktroids - Elektroworld



"Based in Flint, Michigan, USA the four young sons of an electrician welded together their debut album. This album, titled Elektroworld, is a personal... more...

2x12inch Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC035LP € 20,99

Clektro - Clektro 8


Clektro 8

Another deep banging electro mini LP by the C-lektro crew! more...

Mini-LP C-Lektro: Clektro008 € 13,99

Exhausted Modern - Happy Hertz Club Banned

Exhausted Modern

Happy Hertz Club Banned

Men of the hour and part of the Endless Illusion crew from Prague joins RET with a 5 tracker ranging from Electro to wave-ish Techno. After releasing... more...

12inch Rotterdam Electronix: RET004 € 9,99

Boris Barksdale - Tephra Ensemble

Boris Barksdale

Tephra Ensemble

Debut Vinyl release for Greek outsider Boris Barksdale, presenting 4 lo-fi, nightmarish and cinematic cuts inspired by 80’s industrial and body music... more...

12inch Veleno Viola: VV009 € 12,99

No Data Available - The Night EP

No Data Available

The Night EP

London based hardware specialist no data available joins the null+void family with a four track EP of rugged, playful and effective electro driven tra... more...

12inch Null+Void: Null004 € 10,99

Luke Eargoggle - Are You Crazy?

Luke Eargoggle

Are You Crazy?

Luke Eargoggle is featured on their fifth installment with four proper electro tracks the artist made in his early days in the 90s.

12inch Future Me: FU-ME005 € 11,49

Upsammy / BFTT - Blu 03

Upsammy / BFTT

Blu 03

UPSAMMY steps UP and shares 12'' space with UK's BFFT. the label say'' We were glued to upsammy's release on Nous'klaer Audio from first listen (the... more...

12inch Whities: WHYTBLU03 € 13,49

Various Artists - Eel Behaviour: Conger

Various Artists

Eel Behaviour: Conger

To celebrate reaching our 20th release, we're launching a series of 6 compilation EPs named 'Eel Behaviour'. Starting with a bang through the haunting... more...

12inch Earwiggle: EAR020 € 10,49

Maelstrom - Fragment



Maelstrom returns to CPU with another essential electro cut. Acid fans be sure to check out USSIDD for some raw bass line action.

12inch Central Processing Unit: CPU01000100 € 10,49

Patch Free - Hubplate 001

Patch Free

Hubplate 001

Patch Free, a New Zealand born producer, takes the mysterious imprint Hubplate out on its maiden voyage. Free skirts the ins and outs of house and tec... more...

12inch Hubplate: HUB001 € 10,49

Pascal Hetzel - Reset EP

Pascal Hetzel

Reset EP

This is the sixth release on Eye Teeth, the techno sublabel of Interdimensional Transmissions, by Berlin’s Pascal Hetzel. This EP effortlessly merges... more...

12inch Eye Teeth: Teeth6 € 13,49

Dawn Again / Rothmans - Timeless Odyssey

Dawn Again / Rothmans

Timeless Odyssey

Dawn Again and UK underground champ Rothmans deliver some Psychedelic, melodic, and grooving tracks with 'Timeless Odyssey' venturing into melancholic... more...

12inch Wonder Stories: WS024 € 12,49

Antoni Maiovvi - The Ken Russell EP

Antoni Maiovvi

The Ken Russell EP

Maiovvi makes his omnidisc debut with a 3 tracker exploring a world made of lo-fi, hi-nrg horror dance.

12inch Omnidisc: OMD019 € 9,99

Clay Wilson - The Law Of Seven

Clay Wilson

The Law Of Seven

The “Law of Seven” refers to the spiritualist philosopher Gurdjieff’s idea that the evolution of phenomena proceeds according to a universal seven-ste... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK033 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nonetheless - Nonetheless LP


Nonetheless LP

Welcome to the seductive groove of Nonetheless, a new duo formed of Florian Bocksrucker and Felix Bergleiter, and the first LP on Neubau. Across four... more...

2LP Neubau: BAU010 € 24,99

Aswa - Leftlovers



Tape Archive presents ASWA's first project: leftlovers. A computer music selection collected from 2014 to 2018, built in 2 parts (Études and Attempts) more...

Cassette Tape Tape Archive: Tac1 € 12,49

Kasra V  - Akasa

Kasra V


6 track EP. Featuring a remix from Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore, and a collaboration with Dopplereffekt’s Rudolf Klorzeiger and To Nhan. more...

12inch Firehouse: FH013 € 10,99

Synapse - Knowing Something 3


Knowing Something 3

Coming up for breath from a deep dive into the archives, Knowing Something's third offering comes courtesy of the Synapse team. The A-side features th... more...

12inch Knowing Something: KS3 € 9,99

Bobby Boyd - Rock On

Bobby Boyd

Rock On

an unreleased nugget from funk and soul legend, Bobby Boyd, the founding member and lead singer of Bobby Boyd's Congress - who metamorphosed into The... more...

12inch Athens Of The North: AOTN12006 € 12,49

Dexter and Cosmic Force - Noord Hollandsche Ghetto Tracks

Dexter and Cosmic Force

Noord Hollandsche Ghetto Tracks

Cosmic Force returns to Something Happening Somewhere for an all-out ghetto affair in collaboration with Dexter.

12inch Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo020 € 13,99

Lerosa - Theme Of Perception


Theme Of Perception

Glider, a fast electro track, opens the EP combining acid drops and dystopian sci-fi elements. The Minister is much slower and serves as an emotional... more...

12inch Eudemonia: Eudemonia002 € 12,49

FRAK - Project Digitalis


Project Digitalis

FRAK are back on track with this dreamy album with deep dark hypnotic slow rhythmic tracks. This is experimental analog and haunting dancemusic at s... more...

LP Borft: DP20 € 11,99

Savage Grounds - In Not

Savage Grounds

In Not

'' Authors of the 4th release of the Mosaique label are the project Savage Ground, known for its works on Lux Rec, Pinkman Broken Dreams and Enfant Te... more...

12inch Mosaique: MSQ004 € 12,49

Dopplereffekt - Athanatos



Dopplereffekt present Athanatos, their forth release for Leisure System, including a stunning collaboration with Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender. Adva... more...

12inch Leisure System: LSR022 € 10,99

Dark Circles  - Dctrax004

Dark Circles


The 4th release on Dark Circles DC Trax imprint focuses on 4 varied reinterpretations by artists who are currently inspiring the London duo. Starting... more...

12inch DC Trax: DCTrax004 € 10,99

Anti Lunatic Squad - Lost In Compression

Anti Lunatic Squad

Lost In Compression

Analogue Bipolar Boy and RogueFrequency approach electronic music with a frenetic sense of purpose and serious intent. The two have come together to f... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship060 € 9,99

Egyptian Lover - 1985

Egyptian Lover


The lover drops a new full length album with 13 tracks. Essential! more...

2LP Egyptian Empire: DMSR1986 € 29,99

Kev Bird  - This Is A Trip Ep

Kev Bird

This Is A Trip Ep

1992 Hardcore Club Classic from Kev Bird. Originally Kev Bird’s second release on the Basement Records label made famous by in-house Producer Jack Smo... more...

12inch Sound Entity: SENT1218 € 10,99

Heinrich Dressel - Lost In The Woodland

Heinrich Dressel

Lost In The Woodland

From the whimsical resonance of the title piece, a sonic pathway through a verdant soundscape is laid. Gentle melodies caress and embrace before the r... more...

LP Bordello A Parigi: BAP127 € 15,99

XXX - Westzaan Doelen


Westzaan Doelen

A Poverty is Violence returns with a killer 6 track EP from the mystery XXX, who delivers six cuts of Post Wave intentions. P.I.V. continue to search... more...

12inch Poverty Is Violence: PIVxxx001 € 10,99

O Yuki Conjugate - Scene In Mirage

O Yuki Conjugate

Scene In Mirage

Emotional Rescue returns to the music of ''dark ambient'' pioneers O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) with the reissue of their debut album, 'Scene in Mirage'. Re... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC053 € 22,99

MNRV / Omni Causa - Two Minds EP

MNRV / Omni Causa

Two Minds EP

For the tenth instalment of Undersound Recordings we present a split EP from Dominic Dammer, under his mnvr and omni causa aliases. Dominic runs mindc... more...

12inch Undersound: USR010 € 12,99

Xray Xperiments  - Xray Xperiments Volume 2

Xray Xperiments

Xray Xperiments Volume 2

MPS is proud to be able to offer you Xray Xperiments Vol 2 (XRAY 003) as a Limited Edition Two Disc set for the best reproduction and your listening p... more...

2x12inch Various UK re-releases: XRAY003 € 21,99

Ectomorph - Stalker



Ectomorph occupy a unique and strange place within Detroit Techno history. Founded in 1994 as an inspired reaction to DBX, Basic Channel, Rob Hood, Sä... more...

2LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT042 € 29,99

Various Artists - System Updates

Various Artists

System Updates

After 10 years of deep hibernation, Southern Outpost's sub-label, Datadisk, brings the first in a series of 'System Updates' (think Direct Beat style... more...

12inch Datadisk: DDv2.0 € 10,99

Various Artists - Some Have to Dance... Some Have To Kill... TWO EP

Various Artists

Some Have to Dance... Some Have To Kill... TWO EP

Second instalment of Mecanica Records compilation focused to obscure techno/EBM/electro. A selection of new and unreleased tracks by six projects from... more...

12inch Mecanica: MEC033 € 21,99

Fah - Future RX


Future RX

Robin de Bekker aka Patronen aka Fah, has possibly created his most exciting work to date. An excellent full album made with just one machine, the cla... more...

2x12inch + 7inch Mental Fun Records: 001MF € 39,99

Patronen - Patronen C/D


Patronen C/D

Limited Edition recycled cardboard sleeve version which has never been fully released and less than 50 copies exist! Great analogue sounding electro a... more...

2LP Fundamental records: FR013CD/TP004 € 39,99

DMX Krew - 20 Years: Classics, Unreleased And Remixes

DMX Krew

20 Years: Classics, Unreleased And Remixes

Ed DMX, better known as DMX Krew, is one of most prolific musicians of recent years. He is well known for his works for Rephlex and also for other lab... more...

12x12inch Box Set Fundamental records: FR011 € 124,99

Various Artists - MTRON009

Various Artists


Mechatronica drops another forceful electro release, this time with a diverse collection of new and familiar faces in Kosh, OCB, Jauzas The Shining an... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON009 € 10,49

Nixxon / Franz Scala - Mechatronica White 2

Nixxon / Franz Scala

Mechatronica White 2

Berlin collective Mechatronica continues their limited, vinyl-only White series dedicated to sounds across synth, new wave, EBM, italo and electro, wi... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRONW002 € 9,99

Aubrey - Clock Funk 2


Clock Funk 2

Return of the UK producer Allen Saei aka Aubrey on the mighty Barba label is another bold statement in the discography of this well-versed artist. Bui... more...

EP Barba Records: BAR017 € 9,99