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Oliver Kapp - Mandancer ep

Oliver Kapp

Mandancer ep

Minimal Detroit techno tracks (NSC press).. Great!

12inch Indulge: ME05 € 9,49

Monobox - Molecule ep


Molecule ep

Minimal drivin techno tracks with Protein Valve like blips and things.. and some crazy fox snaps all over the place.. Very good release!!

12inch Logistic: Logistic 028 € 9,00

Raiders of the Lost ARP - Funk 005

Raiders of the Lost ARP

Funk 005

Cool house track with melangolic strings and a warm groove.. 2 other mixes on the flip.. Metro Area style.. Tip!!

12inch Pigna: Pigna003 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Daan - Sunchild



Cool vocal remix by our man DEXTER.., Mascotte rmx + original on the flip..

12inch Tracks: Tracks012 € 7,99

Kraftwerk - Tour de France 2003


Tour de France 2003

New techno version of their classic track. Three mixes are featured on this 12'': ''Long Distance Version'', ''Version 1'' and ''Version 3''.

12inch EMI: EMI 626 € 11,99

Rhythm & Sound - Carrier

Rhythm & Sound


Great subtle groovin' ambientish tracks in their unique soundscape..

12inch Rhythm & Sound: RS05(26636) € 9,99

Phylyps Trak - Phylyps Trak: 1

Phylyps Trak

Phylyps Trak: 1

Crazy Basic Channel release with pumping trippy beats and percussions.. Must have!!

12inch Basic Channel: BC02(00032) € 9,99

Basic Channel - Basic Reshape

Basic Channel

Basic Reshape

Contanis the BC remakes of C. Craig's ''The Climax'' + Göttschings ''E2-E4''

12inch Basic Channel: BCBR(43792) € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Model 500 - The Chase

Model 500

The Chase

Repress! Great techno 12'' with mixes by Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Another must have!

12inch Metroplex: M014 € 12,99

Courser - Distances



Deep driving tracks on this stunning debut 12" Distances on Electronic Emergencies. The five tracks by the French-born artist, now based in Portland,... more...

12inch Electronic Emergencies: EE012rtm € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mat 101 - Arcade Funk (remixes)

Mat 101

Arcade Funk (remixes)

Arcade like electro track with a great Adult remix and another greta remix by D'arcangelo and the original. I feel like I'm 15 again and behind my Com... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2116 € 6,99

Sandor Caron - Zwepg typis

Sandor Caron

Zwepg typis

Cool broken beat Detroit techno tracks with a killer remix from Kirk Degiorgio (As One). Sollid stuff!

12inch Delsin: Delsin 18 € 3,49

Quadrant - Q 1.1


Q 1.1

From the legendary Basic Channel label

12inch Basic Channel: BC04(00034) € 10,99

Mole people - Mole people 1

Mole people

Mole people 1

Banging, funky and stripped 313 techno by Gary Martin. Repress.

12inch Mole people: MOPE1 € 9,99

Popshop - The Distance Between Us


The Distance Between Us

Special limited mini-lp featuring Detroit techno-pop songs (blue coloured vinyl).

12inch Raygun: Raygun 016 € 4,99

Raiders of the Lost ARP - 4

Raiders of the Lost ARP


Mario Pierro (Jolly Music/MAT101) with a stunning technoish electro/house album.. with tracks known from there top selling Pigna and Nature labels.. T... more...

CD Nature: NAT2125CD € 9,99

Gilgamesh - Trescore
12inch Fragile: Frg008 € 9,99

Lightman - Dawnflyer ep


Dawnflyer ep

New label from Oliver Kapp. Great deep techno, varied tracks, already one of the top releases of this year, instand classic!!!

12inch Raygun: Raygun 001 € 5,99

Trouble funk - Trouble funk express

Trouble funk

Trouble funk express

Great early electro/hip hop classic, remake of kraftwerk classic(before afrika bambataa), Serious record!!

12inch D.E.T.T.: D.E.T.T. € 18,15

Heath Brunner - Awakening

Heath Brunner


Original NSC pressing. VG++ copy in original sleeve. Pumpin' deep & spacey Detroit techno tracks from Heath Brunner (Silicon / Vmax).

12inch KMS: KMS068 (Very Good+ / Original Pressing) € 29,99

The Techno Tourists - Follow The Beat

The Techno Tourists

Follow The Beat

Mastered at Detroits NSC to give this piece of Quality techno extra flavour for the Detroit fetishists. 4 Tracks of smooth retro Detroit techno.

12inch Techno Tourist: TT001 € 9,00

Tikiman - Dub it


Dub it

Dubby house in the wellknown Tikiman - Burial mix style.

12inch False Tuned: False001(32671) € 8,49

Djtal vs Tiefschwarz - Digital World

Djtal vs Tiefschwarz

Digital World

On this third 12'' in the Art Of Disco series, we see Shazz's most electronic side as Djtal, complete with a mad funk-punk-disco mix byTiefschwarz.

12inch Yellow Productions: Yellow Productions 173 € 7,99

Dex, S2 and Ray 7 - The Minority EP

Dex, S2 and Ray 7

The Minority EP

Showcase of Detroit techno to more hi-tech funk grooves on this 3 tracker.. All good!

12inch Tunnel 7: Tunnel 7 002 € 10,99

Sir Alice - 1

Sir Alice


Produced by Marc Collin (the man behind trailblazing musical ventures Ollano, Suburbia and Volga Select.). The result? A serious, enthralling case of... more...

12inch Tigersushi: Tigersushi 012 € 4,99

V/A - New Days ep


New Days ep

The third vinyl outing on SUD, a mini compilation, titled '' New Days '' evokes a very romantic ideal.. Productions from Portable, Akiko, Milos and Lu... more...

12inch SUD: SUD003 € 5,50

Orlando Voorn - Basic Bastard vol.1

Orlando Voorn

Basic Bastard vol.1

Long lost and unreleased tracks that have stood the test of time (1993), from the archives of Orlando Voorn.. Rainging from soulful house to more hard... more...

12inch Ignitor: IGNTR1006 € 5,99

V/A - Monobox RMX vol.4


Monobox RMX vol.4

4th remix session with Ben Nevile, Sety, Noze and the original Monobox version of ''Renumber''

12inch Logistic: Logistic 040 € 9,00

Tony Brown - vol.III

Tony Brown vol.III

Raw detroit techno madness from the NSC guys..

12inch Brother's: Brother010 € 4,90

Swag - Ear Candy ep


Ear Candy ep

Nice effective tech-house ep.. 4 tracks.. 4 different styles.. Tip..

12inch Version: Version 09 € 4,99

R Bone 60 - Speaking Trees

R Bone 60

Speaking Trees

Big atmospheric Detroit techno / italo disco hybrid club tracks.

12inch Keys of Life: Life12012 € 5,99

Omar S - Track #8

Omar S

Track #8

One sided, backwards cut, deep moody techno, highly recommended!!

One sided 12 Fxhe: FXHE-AOS005-Track8 € 9,99

Flatner/Ingram Project - Rectus EP

Flatner/Ingram Project

Rectus EP

Hard driving minimal slow upbuilding club friendly techno tracks.

12inch 430 west: Black Nation 380 € 9,99

Gayle San - Backbone ep

Gayle San

Backbone ep

Hard driving minimal & upbuilding techno tracks.

12inch Black nation: Black Nation 400 € 7,99

Marco Passarani ft. Orlando Occhio - Criticize

Marco Passarani ft. Orlando Occhio


Next hit floorfiller.. comes as limited stamped whitelabel as teaser for his forthcoming peacefrog album.. Tip!

12inch Peacefrog: Peacefrog 061 € 9,90

Silicon - Get Up Move In


Get Up Move In

4 straight up D-town hydraulic electro-techno cutz for your funked up frustrations, produced by Silicon (Heath Brunner, Vmax, KMS, Detroit)..

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR007 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day part 3


Every Dog Has Its Day part 3

Jeff Mills prod.deep spaced out long upbuidlin', jazzy & drivin' techno tracks.. more...

2x12inch Axis: Ax026(36793) € 24,99

Pom Pom - Pom Pom 20

Pom Pom

Pom Pom 20

Forceful, minimal, rocking techno trash..

12inch Pom Pom: Pom Pom 20 € 10,00

Steve Azzara - Nairod

Steve Azzara


Steve Azzara comes with a hot return. Two great techno tracks! A sexy Blake Baxter kind of techno acid track with wispering vocals. Pretty old schooli... more...

12inch Fortek: FT011 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sensurreal - Ethor Dyon


Ethor Dyon

The Return of the mighty Sensurreal. One of the biggest Dutch techno names. Classic Detroit techno as only has been produced during the mid-90's. Mus... more...

12inch Fortek: FT012 € 7,99

Smith n Hack - Smith n Hack 2 - Pace Maker

Smith n Hack

Smith n Hack 2 - Pace Maker

Smith n Hack‘s 2nd release continues where their initial „Tribute“ album stopped. These hardcore-cut-up disco-funk tunes have been tested live during... more...

12inch Smith n Hack: Smith002(42739) € 8,99

Dark Comedy - Funkfaker: Music Saves My Soul LP

Dark Comedy

Funkfaker: Music Saves My Soul LP

Under his long established Dark Comedy guise, Kenny offers `Music Saves My Soul' as a focus on funky laid back organ grooves, JB's inspired horn stabs... more...

2LP Poussez: Poussez 3 lp € 9,99

Robert Babicz - Mister Head

Robert Babicz

Mister Head

Instant classic. Beautiful discoisch/acidic techouse stuff, ''Mister Head'' will rock the floors for sure. The same goes for ''Sonntag'', which can be... more...

12inch K2: K2-103 € 8,99

Paul St. Hilaire - Peculiar

Paul St. Hilaire


Modern, high quality, relaxed and pulsating reggae and dub.

12inch False Tuned: False005(49736) € 8,99

LL - Maybe July


Maybe July

Somewhere in an exotic zone of the universe of electronic dancemusic, LL operates with his own blend of techno, minimal and electro that is best categ... more...

12inch Wolfskuil: Wolf008 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rhythm & Sound - SMY Remixes #4 (Carl Craig, Basic Channel)

Rhythm & Sound

SMY Remixes #4 (Carl Craig, Basic Channel)

This is the 4th 12'' Maxi on Burial Mix featuring remixes by Carl Craig and Basic Reshape!!!

12inch Burial Mix: BMX004(51172) € 10,99

Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin
12inch Mo Wax: Mo Wax 49 € 4,99

V/A - Recorded In Rotterdam Sampler


Recorded In Rotterdam Sampler

A limited album sampler of the Michel de Hey compilation ''Recorded in Rotterdam'' . contains some brilliant techno tracks in special dance floor edit... more...

12inch Immaculate Music: Rir001 € 4,99

V/A - Background Records 050


Background Records 050

50th anniversary release of this German minimal electronics labels being of one the major forces introducing minimal techno to the world. Featuring th... more...

2LP Background: Background 050 € 16,99