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Mystic Versions  - Mystic Versions 02

Mystic Versions

Mystic Versions 02

It's been two years since Thomas Berg's ''Versions'' stable initiated the Mystic Versions project, which delivers untitled chunks of cosmic techno goo... more...

12inch Mystic Versions: MVER02LP € 18,99

Various Artists - Cong Burn 04

Various Artists

Cong Burn 04

Moving towards faster bpms and with some fresh faces Cong Burn's fourth 12'' is a step into new ground for the young collective. A1 sees St Petersburg... more...

12inch Cong Burn: CB04 € 12,49

DJCJ - Northern Fight EP


Northern Fight EP

DJCJ surfing the sinewaves between classic UK breakbeat and intelligent techno. more...

12inch West End Communications: WEC008 € 11,49

VEF 317 - VEF Radio

VEF 317

VEF Radio

"This is the story about a love affair with once modern technologies. It's told by Sowiet drummachines and Sci-Fi synthlines arranged in playful minim... more...

LP PossblThings Records: YUY-PT-RM / LP € 13,99

Bryce Hackford - :::::::::::::

Bryce Hackford


Improvised Tech-no-house jams straight outta New York City from Bryce Hackford

12inch Youth: YO4TH € 11,49

Truncate - Remixed Part 4


Remixed Part 4

Three heavyweights are featured on the next installment of the Truncate remix series. Heiko Laux revisits the Truncate classic 'Dial' with his deep, s... more...

12inch Truncate: TruncateRMX4 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

B12 - Time Tourist (reissue)


Time Tourist (reissue)

Warp travel back to the lost futures of 1996 with this first-ever reissue of Time Tourist, the second album from the pioneering ambient techno produce... more...

2LP + Download Warp: WARPLP37RBlack € 27,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cray Emoticon - E2L9 EP

Cray Emoticon


The Artists Formerly Known As The Connection Machine (Utrecht, Netherlands) go raw and mean on this one! If the underground The Hague-style from the 9... more...

12inch Phoq U Phonogrammen: PH.U.3 € 9,49

Paranorman  - The Source


The Source

No known info on artist or label, but this moody cut of broken beat techno should pretty much speak for itself.

12inch Fusion Diagnostics: Fud001 € 10,99

Art Vandelay aka Trevino aka Marcus Intalex - VDI00

Art Vandelay aka Trevino aka Marcus Intalex


Art Vandelay is one of the last projects Marcus Intalex aka Trevino had ready for release before his untimely passing. Launching the Vandelay Industri... more...

12inch Vandelay Industries: VDI001 € 10,89

Falcon Black Ops  - Vol 2

Falcon Black Ops

Vol 2

Falcon Black Ops returns to UTTU with more groove based but hard hitting techno jams. Recalling a tribal sound, not heard since the late 90s, the aest... more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown: Uttu093 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Deetron - Heartwalking



Two track EP with fast moving and melodic techno.

12inch Music Man: MM178 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Skudge & Splice - X0X01

Skudge & Splice


Three different takes from two different periods of time meet up in this acid focused 12''. The record features two Skudge originals from 2009, optimi... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeX0X01 € 9,99

X/319  - Effekt



complex and modulating but minimalist sequencing structures. comes with an inlay.

12inch Tau: Tau01 € 11,99

Milton Bradley presents Doomsday Device  - Crossing 011

Milton Bradley presents Doomsday Device

Crossing 011

Milton Bradley debuts on AVION?s Crossing with three ferocious techno cuts under his Doomsday Device moniker this November. Since its launch in 2013,... more...

12inch Crossing: CROSSING011 € 11,99

Fede Lng - Acid Raindrops

Fede Lng

Acid Raindrops

Axe On Wax label boss Fede Lng takes to his own sub-label Axe Traxx to deliver his latest solo outing with the 'Song At Night' EP, featuring a title t... more...

12inch Axe Traxx: AXTX008 € 13,49

Dark Strands - Unknown Truths

Dark Strands

Unknown Truths

Unknown Truths is the debut album from Tony Beardsley (aka Dark Strands). What can be said about this album... for one, it is a body of work that has... more...

LP Hoga Nord Rekords: HNRLP015 € 19,99

Pyramid Lake - Palms on Fire

Pyramid Lake

Palms on Fire

''Palms On Fire'' is a fuzzy, percussive collab with LA's Sage Caswell, whilst ''Ital Vital'' dials in the cruise control for a rolling, spaced-out de... more...

12inch Mythstery Records: MYTHSTERY003 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dan Curtin - The Breach

Dan Curtin

The Breach

Partout is back for its third series, welcoming the USA artist Dan Curtin.

12inch Partout: PARTOUT3.01 € 12,99

Sahasrahla - The Dweller


The Dweller

Sahasrahla steps up for AUTODDCT with three techno cuts from the minimalistic point of view..

12inch Autodidact: AUTODDCT04 € 12,49

Oshana - Know Thyself EP


Know Thyself EP

Oshana returns for her third EP on Partisan with another selection of cosmically- enhanced cuts that match entrancing melodic content with infectious... more...

12inch Partisan: PTN011 € 13,49

Organic Flow - ILYA EP

Organic Flow


Organic Flow has born from two organic minds influencing each other, a project of two friends representing the Old school & New school. After years of... more...

12inch Organic Flow: FLOW001 € 12,49

Distant Echoes - Heritable Traits EP

Distant Echoes

Heritable Traits EP

'Heritable Traits' is the first EP from Distant Echoes on his long-time friend Buck's Substrato records. more...

12inch Substrato: SUBSTRATO008 € 12,49

Blusher - Tren Rezno


Tren Rezno

Tren Rezno is the first release by blusher, a music project by artist, writer, and game designer Aidan Wall. Produced between Dublin and Amsterdam ove... more...

12inch Patruin: PTN002 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ Bone - Beyond

DJ Bone


Returning for his second full-length LP of 2018, DJ Bone steps up once more to his own Subject Detroit imprint to present 'Beyond', a full-length and... more...

3LP Subject Detroit: SUB046 € 33,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 5

Various Artists

Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 5

The final sampler taken from Ben Sims' 'Tribology' mix comp features former Berghain resident and IMF label-boss Marcel Fengler drop stomping machine... more...

12inch Machine: MachineSampler005 € 11,99

Various Artists - Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 4

Various Artists

Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 4

Sampler 4 (of 5) from Ben Sims 'Tribology' mix compilation serves up a heavyweight line up with Function, Tripeo and Truncate delivering brand new kil... more...

12inch Machine: MachineSampler004 € 11,99

Various Artists - Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 3

Various Artists

Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 3

Sampler 3 (of 5) from Ben Sims' 'Tribology' mix comp on his and Kirk Degiorgio's Machine imprint sees Pole Group boss Oscar Mulero rub shoulders with... more...

12inch Machine: MachineSampler003 € 11,99

Various Artists - Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 2

Various Artists

Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 2

Fresh from Sampler 1 featuring Planetary Assault Systems, Mark Broom, Damon Wild and Insolate, Ben Sims delivers another four incredibly artists taken... more...

12inch Machine: MachineSampler002 € 11,99

Various Artists - Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 1

Various Artists

Ben Sims pres Tribology Sampler 1

Sampler 1 of Ben Sims' Tribology mix compilation for the Machine label takes takes in four exclusive tracks from techno royalty as well ascending tale... more...

12inch Machine: MachineSampler001 € 11,99

Various Artists - De Lichting 2

Various Artists

De Lichting 2

De Lichting is back for their second double vinyl album titled; “Twee”. The collective showcases a genuinely sensitive and pure sound resulting in an... more...

12inch De Lichting: DELICHTING2 € 19,99

Redshape - A Sole Game


A Sole Game

Red alert! One of Berlin’s most iconic and recognized underground producers is back with his new album A Sole Game. Following up 2012’s Square, Redsha... more...

2x12inch Monkeytown: MTR091LP € 23,99

Kirkis - Kirkis 2


Kirkis 2

Melbourne's Kirkis is back. Exposing his talents further in more obvious ways across this album - the musical ability that runs through this man is in... more...

LP MODED: MODED002 € 19,99

Jon Hester - States Of Matter EP

Jon Hester

States Of Matter EP

"I am very happy to welcome Jon Hester on Deeply Rooted. Not too long ago I noticed some of his productions while in a record store and I made an inst... more...

12inch Deeply Rooted House P&D: DRH057 € 9,99

Thomas Brinkmann - Retrospektiv EP3

Thomas Brinkmann

Retrospektiv EP3

Limited to 200 copies, this release is the third of the 5 12" from the Thomas Brinkmann Retrospektiv 5xlp box set. The 5 individual 12" will be releas... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eepB201701-3 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

999999999 - 000000002 EP


000000002 EP

Mysterious duo 999999999 finally make their debut on their own new label, NineTimesNine, delivering three hypnotic and deadly acid techno stormers.

12inch NineTimesNine: NTN001 € 9,49

MKDSL - Koctarica



GENESA001W marks the start of the label's 'White Series' which will be reserved for a more playful side of experimentation within our genre.

12inch Genesa Records: GENESA001W € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Szymon - Head Garden


Head Garden

Debut double pack by Szymon. Hard banging techno stuff! more...

2x12inch Body Theory: BT006 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Randomer - HS002



After collaborating with Clouds for the first Headstrong Records drop Randomer goes solo on the label's second release.

12inch Headstrong Records: HS002 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ruskin & Broom - Domwen

Ruskin & Broom


The EP features three new tracks that set the tone for some hard-edged warehouse techno, where heavy basslines are punctuated with deep grooves and fo... more...

12inch Blueprint: BP053 € 10,99