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BNJMN - Hypnagogia



After making his debut on the label in 2014, Berlin based Brit BNJMN returns to Delsin to release his latest artist album, Hypnagogia. This album com... more...

2LP Delsin: 131DSR € 18,49

Stallion's Stud - Stllnsstd

Stallion's Stud


Earlier in the year, Red Light Radio co-founder Hugo van Hejiningen and Identified Patient joined forces to debut their new musical project, Stallion’... more...

12inch Artificial Dance: AD006 € 11,99

Valentino Mora - Transmagnetic

Valentino Mora


Spazio Disponibile welcomes Valentino Mora for a new EP featuring four tracks of rhythmic exploration. Boss of the IDO label and known for his atmosph... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio016 € 9,99

Mr. Roque - Dub Cradle

Mr. Roque

Dub Cradle

Deep Dub Techno cuts on a limited 12'' hand-stamped white label.

12inch Challenger Deep: PSI001 € 10,79

Open House Featuring Placid Angles - Aquatic

Open House Featuring Placid Angles


Classic of 1991 produced by John Beltran and Mark Wilson! Unmistakable Detroit House sound of that period, all completed with a great Carl Craig remix... more...

12inch Flash Forward: FFOR021 € 13,99

Dustmite  - Interlacing



4 techno cuts on transparant vinyl by Dustmite.

12inch Supervoid Records: SPRVD002 € 11,99

Dustmite  - Folding



New label with some great refreshing techno cuts by Dustmite.

12inch Supervoid Records: SPRVD003 € 11,99

Kamazi - Inner M31


Inner M31

Kamazi is a freshly coined moniker of Andy Hart, the founder of Voyage Recordings and now contributor to Deep Sound Channel."Inner M31" premieres thre... more...

12inch Deep Sound Channel: DSC016 € 9,99

DJ Different - Permission 2 Dance

DJ Different

Permission 2 Dance

DJ Different steps up on Lobster with a 5-track EP of breakbeat, ambient, electro, jungle & rave. Heaving kicks & soaring synths. more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster055 € 12,99

Zazou Bikaye - Na Kenda

Zazou Bikaye

Na Kenda

Reissue of Zazou's acid club banger. Two different mixes of Na Kenda here. On the flip you'll find bonus track ''Ba Wela'' taken from the album ''Guil... more...

12inch Ensemble: ENS008 € 10,49

Marco Lazovic - Young Days

Marco Lazovic

Young Days

One of Lobster hot fave new artists steps up with a whopping 6-track breakbeat, jungle and rave 12'' for the ever-90's leaning Lobster White Label ser... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LTWHT016 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Escape Earth - Exosphere EP

Escape Earth

Exosphere EP

A psychedelic pulse of chugging acid marked disco, ‘Escape Earth Theme’ is an animist call to arms in the obscene face of the Anthropocene. 303 master... more...

12inch Ritual Poison: RP002 € 11,49

Annanan - You



While exhibiting a broad set of moods, claims and longings, the LP attains emotive poignancy from beginning to end through its bold openness. Annanan’... more...

LP Machine Jazz: MJZ003 € 17,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anthony Linell - Sculpting Energy

Anthony Linell

Sculpting Energy

Anthony Linell's latest suite of tracks cruise and drift with their head up. With a dizzy palette of terse and winding melodies, 'Sculpting Energy' fe... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE56 € 9,99

Echologist & Matrixxman - Offline EP

Echologist & Matrixxman

Offline EP

After many successful collaborations, Echologist & Matrixxman further expolore both their common ground and differences in approach to modern techno.... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKBLK032 € 10,49

Various Artists - Kinky Kicks

Various Artists

Kinky Kicks

Elad (aka Elad Magdasi) debuts the ''Rainbow'' special spot series with a diverse meditation on drum machine mania. Opening the full spectrum of funda... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEYRAINBOW001 € 10,49

Carcass Identity - Untitled

Carcass Identity


Bear Bones, Lay Low links up with Pizza Noise Mafia's Carrageenan and comes with a monster of an EP. BIG TIP!

12inch Random Numbers: RN012 € 11,99

Upsammy / BFTT - Blu 03

Upsammy / BFTT

Blu 03

UPSAMMY steps UP and shares 12'' space with UK's BFFT. the label say'' We were glued to upsammy's release on Nous'klaer Audio from first listen (the... more...

12inch Whities: WHYTBLU03 € 13,49

Birds ov Paradise - Bayou

Birds ov Paradise


The clergy is pleased to introduce you to a new initiate: Birds ov Paradise. This highly anticipated Hypnus debut comes split into three separate EP's... more...

12inch Hypnus Records: HYPNUS020 € 12,49

Gesetz Der Oktaven - Klirrfaktor

Gesetz Der Oktaven


KLIRRFAKTOR is Berlin-based producer Hanno Leichtmann's second release as GESETZ DER OKTAVEN, once again on Third Ear. Gesetz Dr Oktavn is strongly in... more...

EP Third Ear: 3eep201801 € 8,99

Setaoc Mass - Surface For Air EP

Setaoc Mass

Surface For Air EP

Soma welcome Manchester born - Berlin based Setaoc Mass for his label debut with the 'Surface For Air EP'. A longtime favourite of the Soma camp, Sam'... more...

12inch Soma: SOMA536 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Eel Behaviour: Conger

Various Artists

Eel Behaviour: Conger

To celebrate reaching our 20th release, we're launching a series of 6 compilation EPs named 'Eel Behaviour'. Starting with a bang through the haunting... more...

12inch Earwiggle: EAR020 € 10,49

The Ghost That Walks - Back To The Basement EP

The Ghost That Walks

Back To The Basement EP

''The whole Ghost thing is he's from that hell world, walking on earth, but will fight for those in his corner, what would happen if he met some alien... more...

12inch New Flesh: NF21 € 11,49

Fabrizio Lapiana - Shoegazing

Fabrizio Lapiana


Beauty is the moment when time vanishes. Beauty is the space where eternity arises. Fabrizio Lapiana delivers another peace of his Art, following his... more...

12inch Arts Collective: ARTSCOLLECTIVE027 € 10,49

Amotik - Amotik 010 (remix EP)
12inch Amotik: AMTK010 € 10,49

Maelstrom - Fragment



Maelstrom returns to CPU with another essential electro cut. Acid fans be sure to check out USSIDD for some raw bass line action.

12inch Central Processing Unit: CPU01000100 € 10,49

Ansome / Umwelt - Vakuum / Affres

Ansome / Umwelt

Vakuum / Affres

For its eleventh split EP since, Rave Or Die imprint welcomes a wellknown artist from the UK scene. Techno producer Kieran Whitefield aka Ansome (Perc... more...

10inch Rave Or Die: ROD011 € 11,49

Veronica Maximova - Computerlove

Veronica Maximova


The debut album "Computerlove" from Belgian/Russian artist Veronica Maximova, sets the scene for a broader vision for the label, while also establishi... more...

LP + Download Voitax: VOILP02 € 11,99

Dont DJ - Hyperspace Is No Place

Dont DJ

Hyperspace Is No Place

We are, of course, always keen to receive any new music that comes through from the Don't DJ collective - particularly on their own Diskant imprint -... more...

LP EM Japan: EM1161TEP € 18,99

Mathis Ruffing - Hauntologist Belief-Systems EP

Mathis Ruffing

Hauntologist Belief-Systems EP

A sense of endless motion characterizes the EP, with every bar taking the listener further and further into Ru ng’s world where his unique soundscapes... more...

12inch Banlieue: Banlieue09 € 12,99

Hermes - An-Archon EP


An-Archon EP

A hiatus is always something needed to experience, silence is a process in which one can value and have a closer perspective within sound. An-Archon c... more...

12inch Coum Records: COUMLTD003 € 10,49

Remco Beekwilder - Public Resistance EP

Remco Beekwilder

Public Resistance EP

Remco Beekwilder returns on EMERALD with his Public Resistance EP. Using the most powerful instrument of us humans, he summons you to stand up and gra... more...

12inch Emerald: EMERALD002 € 9,99

Irakli / Stanislav Tolkachev - Inkblots #4

Irakli / Stanislav Tolkachev

Inkblots #4

Life is complex and since the only way out is through, complexity demands to be embraced. As a label dedicated to bringing two unique minds together f... more...

12inch Inkblots: INK004 € 9,99

Various Artists - Continuum 3: Fluctus

Various Artists

Continuum 3: Fluctus

Marking its ten-year anniversary Dynamic Reflection is set to release Continuum, a collection of five uniquely intertwined EP's. The special series co... more...

12inch Dynamic Reflection: 10YRDREF003 € 10,99

Shonky - Shonky ep


Shonky ep

Shonky has over the years developed a signature hypnotic hard grooving sound, characterised by punishing beats laced through with detailed polyrhythms... more...

EP Third Ear: 3eep201804 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dawn Again / Rothmans - Timeless Odyssey

Dawn Again / Rothmans

Timeless Odyssey

Dawn Again and UK underground champ Rothmans deliver some Psychedelic, melodic, and grooving tracks with 'Timeless Odyssey' venturing into melancholic... more...

12inch Wonder Stories: WS024 € 12,49

S.A.M. - Prolific Trilogy 009.2


Prolific Trilogy 009.2

Second part of the Prolific Trilogy series from S.A.M. on Delaphine. 'Money Blues' is a monster banger reminiscent of mid 90's french house but with a... more...

12inch Delaphine: Delaphine009.2 € 11,99

Vedelius - Vedelius EP


Vedelius EP

What a wonderful outlier on Holland's 030303 label, this one! Lush breaks, with hints of UK hardcore and classic bleep house inhabit this wonderful EP... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP014 € 9,99

Antoni Maiovvi - The Ken Russell EP

Antoni Maiovvi

The Ken Russell EP

Maiovvi makes his omnidisc debut with a 3 tracker exploring a world made of lo-fi, hi-nrg horror dance.

12inch Omnidisc: OMD019 € 9,99

Robert Hood - DJ Kicks

Robert Hood

DJ Kicks

Detroit’s pioneering techno giant Robert Hood is next to take the reins of the DJ-Kicks mix series. It’s hard to talk about techno without Robert Hood... more...

2x12inch + Download !K7: K7376LP € 29,99

Ellen Allien - Take A Stand Remixes

Ellen Allien

Take A Stand Remixes

Ellen Allien's 'Take a Stand' receives four remixes that highlight and amplify the original track's unrestrained power. From Kobosil's anthemic rave b... more...

12inch Bpitch Control: BPC338 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Peverelist - Bluez (Classic mix) / Und_92


Bluez (Classic mix) / Und_92

Pev re-masters and re-issues a lead track from his debut LP 'Jarvik Mindstate' on Punch Drunk alongside a newly unearthed and previously unreleased tr... more...

12inch Punch Drunk: Drunk035 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

TM404 - Endor Trico


Endor Trico

You know that warm feeling of anticipation, standing on a platform waiting for the train to bring a loved one home to you? That's what a new Tilliande... more...

12inch Kontra Musik: KMWL011 € 8,99

Forward Strategy Group - Further, Too Far EP

Forward Strategy Group

Further, Too Far EP

*** A knight on a horse, riding a rocky path, his dog next to him, meets Death on his way, in the ***

12inch Mord: MORD055 € 10,49

Radial - Tympana EP


Tympana EP

*** ex nihilo, twelve, cash, moonwalker, wolf, pyro, knives, flesh, sun, doors, death, whistle, doves, two, postcard, skies, mice, you. *** more...

2x12inch Mord: MORD056 € 19,99