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Lokier - Last One


Last One

Distortion, static electricity & drum machines turned up to eleven, your next Punk-E Rave Party can be appropriately soundtracked with SQUIRRELS ON FI... more...

12inch Squirrels On Film: SOF003 € 11,49

Ebi - Space Teddy EP


Space Teddy EP

The inaugral release from Transmigration, a collection of acid cuts from Susumu Yokota’s EBI alias. Originally released by the seminal Space Teddy lab... more...

12inch Transmigration: TM001 € 12,99

kon001 - 65489 CETO


65489 CETO

We are going deep below the sea level for this release on Pulse Drift. Down there, musical treasures of rare quality can be encountered and brought to... more...

12inch Pulse Drift Recordings: PDR004 € 9,99

Physical Therapy - House Crime Vol.10

Physical Therapy

House Crime Vol.10

Physical Therapy drops 4 lo-fi house ghetto technoid jams on House Crime marking the series 10th edition!

12inch House Crime: HC010 € 10,99

Todd Sines  - Internal Dialogue

Todd Sines

Internal Dialogue

New Todd Sines... after releases on labels such as Peace Frog , Planet E, 7th City it's time for a new release with spasmic hardware rhythm, blurred... more...

12inch 89:Ghost: 89GHOST010 € 10,99

Willie Graff & Tucillo / DJ Qu - SMR-018

Willie Graff & Tucillo / DJ Qu


New Strength Music featuring a DJ Qu remix of Willie Graff & Tucillo plus a fresh cut from the man himself.

12inch Strength Music: SMR018 € 12,99

Milton Bradley vs. Lockertmatik - 030-0351 EP

Milton Bradley vs. Lockertmatik

030-0351 EP

Advanced and fresh takes on techno by Milton Bradley and Lockertmatik. Both opening with a droning soundscape followed by essential techno cuts. Open... more...

12inch Lockertmatik: Lockertmatik009 € 9,49

Various Artists - Forth Vol. I

Various Artists

Forth Vol. I

Located in Toronto, Forth is a collective of individuals who care deeply about music and its community. Having started out throwing DIY style raves, t... more...

12inch Forth: Forth001 € 13,99

Umwelt - Abandon in place


Abandon in place

To celebrate New Flesh Records 20th release to date, French veteran DJ Umwelt (Shipwrec, Falling Ethics, Rave Or Die) returns to his own label with a... more...

LP New Flesh: NF20 € 17,49

Umwelt / I Hate Models - Rave Or Die 10

Umwelt / I Hate Models

Rave Or Die 10

Rave Or Die celebrates its tenth outputs to date since 2012 with a 100% frenchie split release! DJ & producer I Hate Models (Artscore, VOITAX, MonnomB... more...

10inch Rave Or Die: ROD10 € 12,99

Ceephax - Camelot Arcade


Camelot Arcade

Camelot Arcade is the new triple LP from Ceephax Acid Crew on WeMe Records. 13 tracks of Camelot goodness with all the feeling and melodies we've com... more...

3x12inch WeMe Records: WeMe046 € 29,99

Imre Kiss - Strangers

Imre Kiss


Core family member and Crisis founder Imre Kiss returns to the Lobster fray with a deep, riveting and emotive EP for sub-label Mörk.

12inch Mork: Mork016 € 13,99

Various Artists - Introduction EP

Various Artists

Introduction EP

Intergraded is a new label started by Midland to focus on releasing music by new artists; whether unknown, emerging or established but working under a... more...

12inch Intergraded: Intergraded001 € 9,99

Second Woman - Instant / Apart

Second Woman

Instant / Apart

Second Woman is the collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv. The concept of Second Woman began w... more...

12inch Tresor: Tresor301 € 9,99

Javonntte - Scenario#10 Detroit to Berlin EP


Scenario#10 Detroit to Berlin EP

After releases on Kai Alce’s 'NDATL' or Patrice Scotts’s Sistrum, Javonntte delivers 4 excellent classic pumping House Tracks on Scenario!

12inch Scenario: Scenario010 € 10,99

Gary Gritness - Gary G’s Custom Shop Pt. 1

Gary Gritness

Gary G’s Custom Shop Pt. 1

Further explorations in electro soul badness from purveyor of fine funk, Gary Gritness! On this limited 12” hand stamped disc, Gritness presents four... more...

12inch Hypercolour: WHIPS001 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jaures - Lafcadio Champsai


Lafcadio Champsai

Euphoric darkwave vibes by Jaures.

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL-W-02 € 10,99

Rumore  - Life In The Cloud EP


Life In The Cloud EP

Rumore debuts on Hot Haus Recs with 6 low lung house jackers, super deep breakbeat houz 4 the headz! more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit036 € 11,99

Troy Gunner - GUNNER 002

Troy Gunner


Troy Gunner continues to strengthen his new imprint 'GUNNER' with a second self-released title.

12inch Troy Gunner: GUNNER002 € 9,99

Excell - Metis



Flawless, idiosyncratic pure Techno stomper. more...

12inch DOQ: DOQXX3 (79284) € 10,99

Kaukolampi - 1



This album is one long track broken up into five titles. Across that runs an eerie dystopian presence driven by pulsating synths and distant beats, wh... more...

LP Svart Records: SVART126 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mark Broom - Nova EP

Mark Broom

Nova EP

ARTS is an independent label based on Sonic dimensions.

12inch Arts: ARTS005RP € 10,25

Emmanuel - Radice



ARTS is an independent label established in 2013 based on Sonic dimensions. ARTS Label has influenced by Emmanuel. The product, the artwork and the co... more...

12inch Arts: ARTS001 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Human Space Machine - Ornithogallum EP

Human Space Machine

Ornithogallum EP

Human Space Machine steps up for the third Native Response release, including Eduardo de la Calle remix. Functional techno grooves with cosmic synths... more...

12inch Native Response: NR003 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cyspe - After This World EP


After This World EP

Up next from the Rhythm Buro label is an EP from Cyspe, who might be better known as Robin Koek or for being one half of the almighty Dutch techno duo... more...

12inch Rhythm Buro: RB003 € 10,25

Falling Apart - 003
12inch Falling Apart: FA003 € 9,75

Amotik - Amotik 008


Amotik 008

4 track EP from Amotik with a selection of raw/hypnotic techno cuts.

12inch Amotik: AMTK008 € 10,25

Edit Select - Cyclical Undulations

Edit Select

Cyclical Undulations

Long-term Soma collaborator Tony Scott drops his debut album with the label under his Edit Select alias, the perfectly crafted experience, 'Cyclical U... more...

2x12inch Soma: SOMALP118 € 21,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Five Years Of Tears Vol. 1

Various Artists

Five Years Of Tears Vol. 1

Pinkman records presents Five Years of Tears: A string of releases dedicated to celebrate the 5th birth year of the label. The first volume features c... more...

12inch Pinkman: Pnkmn5Y1 € 9,99

Shadow Child / Geeeman - Dance Trax Vol.9

Shadow Child / Geeeman

Dance Trax Vol.9

Shadow Child debuts on UTTU DANCE TRAX with 3 hard gheto houz bombs backed with a remix from Rotterdam’s legendary GEEEMAN! 3 floor filling originals... more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown: Dancetrax009 € 11,99

Crash ID - Sacrificio

Crash ID


Ritualistic, electro industrial body music from Dream's Private Selection label. more...

12inch Private Selection Records: PS003 € 12,99

Ekserd - The Hydra


The Hydra

Ekserd presents The Hydra on Ressort Imprint offshoot Drive. Pummelling, full throttle techno made to take you places.

12inch Drive 99: Drive99001 € 11,99

Vastlanken - Moebel / Autobaba


Moebel / Autobaba

As founding member of Uran GBG, with a past in cult bands such as Lava, and appearing on stage and in studio with some of Gothenburg's more prominent... more...

7inch Unknown: HNR024 € 8,49

Tensal - The Judgment EP


The Judgment EP

After 3 hugely successful singles, veteran Spanish producer, Tensal will deliver his first full length later this year on Soma. As we build toward thi... more...

12inch Soma: SOMA511 € 10,25
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Iori - Circulate



The second release on Oktave Records is produced by Tokyo's Iori. The multi-talented Japanese producer and DJ has had his music released on some of th... more...

12inch Oktave Records: OKR002 € 10,25
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music Album Teaser

Thomas P. Heckmann

Body Music Album Teaser

Body Music Album Teaser is produced by a man who needs little introduction. Thomas P. Heckmann has flexed his prowess across all shades of electronic... more...

12inch Monnom Black: Monnom012 € 10,25

Jane Oak - Low Pressure Zone

Jane Oak

Low Pressure Zone

Jane Oak is a Paris-based DJ and techno producer. She grew up listening to Detroit pioneers; Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Blake Baxter whom greatly inf... more...

12inch Caduceus: CDR016 € 9,75

Fabrizio Lapiana - Intraverso

Fabrizio Lapiana


Intraverso is a journey in that momentary 'inbetween land' that many of us experience sometimes. It explores the turmoil of feelings of when one gets... more...

2LP Attic Music: ATTICLP01 € 19,99

Subjected - Selected Works II


Selected Works II

Subjected is back with the 2nd part of the Selected Works, His focus is on functionality, these 4 cuts are extremely functional for any situation, giv... more...

12inch Arts Collective: ARTSCOLLECTIVE021 € 10,25
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Posthuman - The Damocles Syndicate


The Damocles Syndicate

Two miscreants of UK electronics have been drafted in by Shipwrec for a 12" of techno debauchery. Richard Bevan and Joshu Doherty, aka Posthuman, have... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship056 € 9,99