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Various Artists - Second Contact

Various Artists

Second Contact

4 new artists on the rise for this new VA. 3 from Spain and one from Berlin creating the new axis of modern techno. Techno quality without concessions... more...

12inch 30D Records: 30DCE002 € 10,49

Various Artists - Vital Impetus
LP June: June14 € 17,99

S.Channel - Distant Shores


Distant Shores

Lovely advanced techno on this new Freund Der Familie release! At times it reminds a bit of NewWorldAquarium... which is always a plus! more...

12inch Freund Der Familie: FDFart01 € 11,99

Museum - Sandra



Museum and Indigo aera team up for an exciting new chapter in their story of melodic analogue techno.

12inch Indigo Aera: Aera023 € 11,99

Fabio Vinuesa - 4 Cuts EP

Fabio Vinuesa

4 Cuts EP

Solid Tapes label and Ritmos Comunes nights boss Fabio Vinuesa delivers his first EP in Hooded Records. “4 Cuts” is a solid representation of Fabio's... more...

12inch Hooded: Hooded004 € 12,99

Various Artists - UT002

Various Artists


This is the second release of Util Records, a young label from Barcelona founded by experienced electronic activists. The label was created with the a... more...

12inch Util Records: UT002 € 13,99




It’s been 1,5 years since label boss Kuf’s last release on Arsenik. This time he comes back with a different approach to techno. Still minimal in styl... more...

12inch Arsenik: ASR014 € 10,99

Ricardo Villalobos - Mandela Move Ep

Ricardo Villalobos

Mandela Move Ep

Berlin mainstay Ricardo Villalobos has delivered the 'Mandela Move EP,' a 4-track EP of freshly stripped-back dancefloor movers saturated in brilliant... more...

12inch Deset: Deset002 € 23,99

BufoBufo - Metamorphosis EP


Metamorphosis EP

After his recent appearance on Tone Dropout ‘Volume 6’, Ritual Poison co-founder BufoBufo steps up on its sibling label, Batrachian, with a four-track... more...

12inch Batrachian: BTR002 € 11,49

Dishmo - Eyes + Mouth EP


Eyes + Mouth EP

Dishmo delivers an off-kilter EP of twisted techno and club focused electronic jams fot for the winter months. more...

12inch Unknown: R430-01 € 12,99

Cadans - No Connection


No Connection

Cadans' return to the basement. Assembly line robot percussion paired with off kilter melodies and spaced out sinewave bells.

12inch Clone Basement Series: CBS028 € 9,99

VC-118A - Inside



Samuel van Dijk releases his third album as VC-118A on Delsin Records. It dives deep into the sonic narrative of VC-118A --who is also known as Mohlao... more...

2LP Delsin: 130DSR € 18,99

Locust - Red



Mark Van Hoen (prior jaunts in Seefeel, Scala, Autocreation among others) as Locust emerges with the first of a series of EPs for Transfusions that di... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-014 € 12,99




Citizen:Kane (Marco Guerra) is a producer based in Lisbon. He is member of Fungo's label and artist collective that performs mostly in the Portuguese... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-013 € 12,99

TX Connect - Mutant Waves

TX Connect

Mutant Waves

Hot on the heels of his full length "The Totality" on Medical/Transfusions, Gavin Guthrie (this time as TX Connect) delivers three of his most ambitio... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-012 € 12,99

Kalawila - Lonnmordare Fick Betalt i Frimarken


Lonnmordare Fick Betalt i Frimarken

Mountain Explosion Device returns with a vengeance. Label boss, Swedish-Sri Lankan artist Kalawila explores the abyss with 'Lonnmordare fick betalt i... more...

12inch Mountain Explosion Device: Mountain005 € 11,99

MR TC - The Depths Of Haze


The Depths Of Haze

The Hard Fist label notches up release number five from a fresh new family member in the form of Mr TC, with remixes from Lokier and Khidja. At the fo... more...

12inch Hard Fist: HRDF05 € 15,49

Damon Zucconi - Untitled Substance

Damon Zucconi

Untitled Substance

Damon Zucconi is a visual artist living and working in Philadelphia. He frequently uses custom software to create his work, and has spent the past dec... more...

LP Zero Grow: ZG004 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aleks - Ground Control


Ground Control

Sci-Fi house ep named "ground control" on Deeptrax records. Heavenly septic breaks over big analogue rhythms, starting with the trippy rave vocals ove... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX014 € 11,99

D.I.E feat. The Men You'll Never See - The Unseen

D.I.E feat. The Men You'll Never See

The Unseen

The Men You'll Never See are back once again! Detroit In Effect's classic Unseen EP updated for 2019. Includes the Detroit Electrotechno anthem ''R U... more...

EP Clone West Coast Series: CWCSxMAP002 € 10,99

CN2 - Second Movement


Second Movement

NYC Veteran and machine wizard Charles Noel aka Archetype reaches deep into his sonic archive to present another incredibly special release on Brigh... more...

12inch Bright Sounds: BSRX009-1 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

CN2 - First Movement EP


First Movement EP

NYC Veteran and machine wizard Charles Noel aka Archetype reaches deep into his sonic archive to present another incredibly special release on Bright... more...

12inch Bright Sounds: BSRX008-1 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Joe Farr - Death Becomes Us (Ansome remix)

Joe Farr

Death Becomes Us (Ansome remix)

Joe Farr appears on SLAM as early as SLAM002 with a remix for Ansome and has also contributed two singles to the SLAM digital series. 'Death Becomes U... more...

12inch South London Analogue Material: SLAM010 € 10,99

Tracey - Metamorphosis



Tom Ruijg aka Tracey’s palette of influences is wide and far-reaching, from the far-sighted futurism of Detroit and the deep space pulse of electro, t... more...

12inch Aus Music: Aus137 € 9,99

Exos - Alien Eyes


Alien Eyes

Already an established artist since his early minimal and dubbed-out techno productions around the beginning of the millenium, recently re-emerged Exo... more...

12inch Figure: FigureX03 € 11,99

Insolate - Disgrace EP


Disgrace EP

H.omevvork is back! We are happy to announce Insolate!!! On her debut for H.omevvork, she offers two solid deep 90s techno tracks, remixed by PVS. The... more...

12inch H.omevvork: HMVV005 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Empire State - B.r.u.

Empire State


French trio Empire State bring their sophomore release to Veyl in the form of 'B.R.U.', a scorching hot noholds- barred 6-tracker full of kicks to the... more...

12inch Veyl: Veyl005 € 10,99



Word EP

*** Words, older. Drowning, rowing. ***

12inch Mord: MORD057 € 10,99

Tripeo - Food For Thought (HVL mix)
12inch Bassiani: BAS007 € 14,49

Dj Trip Lord - Prototype EP (Lenson remix)

Dj Trip Lord

Prototype EP (Lenson remix)

Label A7A launches with 4 blistering electroid-techno cuts, from the mind of the mysterious DJ Trip Lord. His debut release takes you on a journey spi... more...

12inch A7A: A7A001 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Romar - Chasing Dreams


Chasing Dreams

Lovely lush dreamy techno tracks on Blue-whote marbled vinyl!

12inch Blue Ciel: Blueciel008 € 14,99

Alignment  - The Same Error Ep


The Same Error Ep

The Berlin-­based artist Alignment, who makes his debut release on the label with a four-­cut EP of raw techno with acid influences. Fast beats that a... more...

12inch Involve Records: Inv023 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - An Intermediary Plane Of Existence Pt.I
12inch Prtl: PRTL002 € 9,99

Luca Piermattei - L'Arcobaleno

Luca Piermattei


Luca Piermattei debuts on Hardworksoftdrink with a tasty four tracker!

12inch Hardworksoftdrink: HWSD013 € 11,99

Ed1999 - Melodius Hubbub


Melodius Hubbub

Belgium DJ / Producer ED1999 kicks off the debut release for his newly minted ‘Porpax’ imprint with ‘Melodius Hubbub, a 4-track EP of hypnotic dark Te... more...

12inch Porpax: Porpax001 € 12,50

Robert Hood - Internal Empire

Robert Hood

Internal Empire

Originally released in 1994, Tresor Records is proud to announce the reissue of Robert Hood’s ''Internal Empire''. A masterwork, then and now. ''Inter... more...

2x12inch Tresor: Tresor027LP € 29,99

Antigone - Rising



Continuing on from a series of successful EPs on Token including last year’s Ostinato, Antigone returns to the label with Rising, his first experiment... more...

2LP Token: Token088 € 22,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tim Xavier - Dust to Dust

Tim Xavier

Dust to Dust

Tim Xavier's ''Dust to Dust'' EP for Ellen Allien's BPitch Berlin showcases the Berlin-based US American producer's knack for a timeless techno sound... more...

12inch Bpitch Control: BPC340 Whitelabel € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - REVOLT!005

Various Artists


REVOLT! strikes back with a new VA and powerful sounds made by Greece’s man of the moment Lee Burton, Moroccan uncompromising producer Adil Hiani and... more...

12inch REVOLT!: REVOLT005 € 11,99

Boris Tellegen (Delta) - OH

Boris Tellegen (Delta)


This book is a collection of pen drawings on tracing paper made between 2013 and 2018. They were aides for large scale paintings on brown painted meta... more...

Book A Paper Book: A Paper Book OH € 34,99

Boris Tellegen (Delta) - 8697 (Canvas Cover)

Boris Tellegen (Delta)

8697 (Canvas Cover)

''Between 1986 and 1997, I kept a black book. It was an A4-sized book with a hard cover in which I made sketches and pasted photos of my own graffiti... more...

Book A Paper Book: A Paper Book 8697 € 74,99

Do The Du - Lick The Gloom EP

Do The Du

Lick The Gloom EP

Big one from Do The Du, reminiscent of early Octave One and Blake Baxter. Each record also has a unique hand printed sleeve. more...

12inch Senseverse: SV003 € 11,99

Sonar Base - Sonar Bases 4 - 10

Sonar Base

Sonar Bases 4 - 10

The second release in January to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Frank de Groodt s career as a recording artist is a re-press of his legendary Sonar... more...

2x12inch U-Trax: 17UTRQDM2 € 21,49