Label: Cacophonic - In Stock

26-07-2016 - tuesday

Daniela Casa - Arte Moderna

Daniela Casa

Arte Moderna

Here, on this repress of the impossibly rare, one-time subscription-only album, Arte Moderna, we find Daniela at her versatile best creating a wide th... more...

LP Cacophonic: 15CACKLP € 14,99

27-11-2014 - thursday

Braen, Raskovich - Abnormal Sensations

Braen, Raskovich

Abnormal Sensations

Collectively known under their production pop group moniker The Pawnshop, Italian Giallo/Spaghetti legends Alessandro Alessandroni, Giuliano Sorgini a... more...

LP Cacophonic: 13CACKLP € 12,99

24-11-2014 - monday

Pierre Henry - Malefices

Pierre Henry


Often evading the composer's official discography lists, Cacophonic present this outstanding, commonly undetected Pierre Henry film score providing fa... more...

LP Cacophonic: 6CACKLP € 14,99

Michel Magne - Musique Tachiste

Michel Magne

Musique Tachiste

One of the very earliest full-length French concept albums - part radical manifesto, part pantomime. This anti-intellectual 'physical' reaction to the... more...

LP Cacophonic: 1CACKLP € 14,99