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The Redhots


Balearic AOR downtempo monster ballad originally from 1983 from American guitarist Chris McCaa. Originally in 7” now in re-mastered 12” with extended... more...

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I Tirelli

Amore Mandarino

Italian pop-rock/reggae studio album by brothers Alberto & Gianni Tirelli from '81, wide range of pop related genres covered, beautifully recorded, re... more...

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Dance Music

Shakeena delivers again, highly unique reggae album from 1987 featuring 8 beautiful numbers from the Shakaman/Shakeena repertoire, remastered. more...

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Phillip Bodden

What A Heat & Philip's Calypso

Produced by George Nowak, a German musician who ended up in the Cayman Island in 1971, aka the Barefoot man. “What a heat” is a dreamy slow paced disc... more...

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Willie Lindo


Barry White classic put through the beautiful production lenses of reggae master Willie Lindo, now in 12” single version, remastered and restored.

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I Bet You

Exquisite lovers rock reggae bomb produced by Los Angeles based reggae master drummer, Patrick Houchen aka Shakaman. Lucid dream inducing lyrics over... more...

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Richard Plasko

California Big Hunks

Total oddball production that has left a terrifying wake of mystery throughout many online digger circles which eventually even led to a mini document... more...

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JC Lodge


Heavily thought after in the digging community, ''Alien'' is an exquisite oddball reggae meets electro production by Jamaican maestro Willie Lindo. Or... more...

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Walter Martino

What Love Can Do

Reissue from 1980, Italy. Soundtrack theme from Walter Martino (of Goblin and Libra) for low budget French produced movie filmed in Italy “Nervi A Pez... more...

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