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01-10-2018 - monday

Aleksi Perala - Sunshine 1

Aleksi Perala

Sunshine 1

Aleksi Perala returns to Clone/Dub recordings with a lush mini album. Beautiful and bright modern electronix based on the Colundi musical tuning syste... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 01-10-2018
Mini-LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub037 € 13,99 remind

24-09-2018 - monday

Vanligt Folk - Hambo

Vanligt Folk


This album is a collaboration between labels Kontra-Musik and Kess Kill. What would have become of D.A.F. if they had been signed to Trojan instead... more...

LP Kontra Musik: KM052/KESS09 € 11,99

20-09-2018 - thursday

DJ Spider - Human Erosion Field EP

DJ Spider

Human Erosion Field EP

New Yorker electronic producer DJ Spider is back on Itay's Out-ER with a muggy, abstract techno release 'Human Erosion Field EP', similarly to its deb... more...

12inch Out-Er: OUT026 € 10,49

The Maghreban - Monster VIP

The Maghreban

Monster VIP

The Maghreban returns to R&S for a new single following his dark debut album 01DEAS, perhaps with an icier sound. Monster VIP is a reworking of a doub... more...

12inch R&S: RS1812 € 10,49

Ben Buitendijk - Alternative Hypothesis EP

Ben Buitendijk

Alternative Hypothesis EP

Ben Buitendijk returns to his Rotterdam based label, Oblique Music with three stirring techno cuts entitled 'Alternative Hypothesis.

12inch Oblique Music: OBQ008 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Heavenly Music Corporation - In A Garden of Eden

Heavenly Music Corporation

In A Garden of Eden

This record was created for the space age lounge, a technomystical chill room in Goa, India. more...

LP Astral Industries: AI11 € 22,99

Sebastian Kramer - RKVE

Sebastian Kramer


*** Pinball machine streets. Teenage future time code. Hear me sigh, make me snap. Erasure. *** more...

2x12inch Mord: MORD054 € 20,99

Unknow Artist - 303 303 EP

Unknow Artist

303 303 EP

The next release in the 303 series is here. These 'unknown' artists have put their legendary Roland TB-303's to good use. The results speak for themse... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: 303303 € 10,49

Whodamanny  - T.C.P.



''Aer recent reflections on kosmische sonics and so focus synthesis, Origin Peoples' latest release is an in-depth exploration of our universal dance... more...

LP Origin Peoples: OP009 € 16,99

19-09-2018 - wednesday

Specter - Built to Last


Built to Last

The Chicago-based artist, real name Andres Ordonez, has been a fixture in US house music circles since the '90s, releasing a string of EPs on labels l... more...

3x12inch Sound Signature: SS073/074/075 € 59,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

18-09-2018 - tuesday

Digital Tsunami - Digital Tsunami Hoodie
Merchandise Digital Tsunami: DThoodieL € 39,99

17-09-2018 - monday

Jovonn - Goldtone Edits


Goldtone Edits

An All Star team for edits of Jovonn classics! Ian Pooley, DJ Deep and Mike Huckaby revisit 3 of Goldtone Records finest for Clone Royal Oak.

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal044 € 9,99

Capsule - Colundi Interception EP


Colundi Interception EP

Colundi interception @ 63.401237,-19.035634 89746 64037 86532 02356 97203 56782 53467 66525 56784 78410 common purpose. consideration of data. colun... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe048 € 9,99

15-09-2018 - saturday

14-09-2018 - friday

Roza Terenzi - Mood EP

Roza Terenzi

Mood EP

Oz's undeniable Salt Mines return with an EP full of deep, rhythmic percussions and palpitating bleeps from Melbourne's Roza Terenzi.

12inch Salt Mines: Salt009 € 12,99

13-09-2018 - thursday

10-09-2018 - monday

Scanone - E.Oneseven EP


E.Oneseven EP

Jude Greenaway joins Analogical Force with 'E.OneSeven EP'. Some might already know ScanOne from past releases on Combat Recordings and Yellow Machine... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF016 € 11,99

Sacha Mambo / Fader  - BAR Records 01

Sacha Mambo / Fader

BAR Records 01

BAR records is the lovechild of BAR Rotterdam, a club founded in 2013. BAR records will release a variety of music linked to the club, by people that... more...

12inch BAR Records: BAR01 € 9,99

Zarate_Fix & DJ Sotofett - Arjun / Afroz

Zarate_Fix & DJ Sotofett

Arjun / Afroz

An absolute neck twister that majestically blends Acid House, UK Bleeps & West Coast Style Hip-Hop with refined, delicate & grimey production techniqu... more...

12inch Sex Tags Mania: Mania029 € 9,99

08-09-2018 - saturday

07-09-2018 - friday

Kale Plankieren - Dutch Cassette Rareties 1981 - 1987 Vol. 2

Kale Plankieren

Dutch Cassette Rareties 1981 - 1987 Vol. 2

After last years excellent discoveries from Volume 1, another batch of ‘lost’ and unreleased Dutch (cassette) material is coming back to the future. F... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH016 € 25,99

06-09-2018 - thursday

90 Process - No Warehouse Needed EP

90 Process

No Warehouse Needed EP

90 Process follow up their rollicking Gatecrasher bothering EPs for Pushmaster Discs and 1Ø Pills Mate with a ferociously epic five track trance-techn... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster052 € 13,99

Ben Penn - Very Important EP

Ben Penn

Very Important EP

June 2018, Amsterdam, NL: 12 months ago we concluded a series of experiments with a test subject named Ben Penn. A year on, we decided to repeat this... more...

12inch Safe Trip: ST011 € 13,49

Clans of the Alphane Moon - Mission Alpha III

Clans of the Alphane Moon

Mission Alpha III

An electronic beat-driven side project created by Android Lagowski to release tracks on Sleepers Records. more...

12inch Sleepers: SLPR008 € 9,99

DJ Normal 4 - Exoticz

DJ Normal 4


Founding member and co-creator of 'Aiwo rec.' DJ Normal 4 delivers Second Circle’s eleventh release to date with the EP ‘Exoticz’. Raised close to Dü... more...

12inch Second Circle: SC011 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-09-2018 - tuesday

Cygnus - Ne0 Ge0


Ne0 Ge0

Texas-based electronic music producer Phillip Washington aka Cygnus was on bit of a hiatus since his phenomenal "Cosmos" long play on Fundamental Reco... more...

EP Barba Records: BAR016 € 9,99

03-09-2018 - monday

JEANS, Lake Haze, X-Coast - Lul Geen Kalmte

JEANS, Lake Haze, X-Coast

Lul Geen Kalmte

The sun has set and above us track pant clouds are draining our imagination. The beach pebbles blossom in the glory of our denim world. Can you see wh... more...

12inch Who's Susan: SUSAN006 € 9,99

Peine Perdue - Tokyo en Morceaux

Peine Perdue

Tokyo en Morceaux

After their 'Histoire d'une Ame' EP in 2017, Peine Perdue returns to Electronic Emergencies with a full album. 'Tokyo en Morceaux' contains 11 new tra... more...

LP Electronic Emergencies: EE023rtm € 16,99

Silicon - Bittersweet



''Bittersweet'' brings three hard hitting electro works and one lush electro-tech track from Silicon. In a time of world chaos and disorder ''The stra... more...

12inch Vmax: V980 € 9,99

Rhythm Of Paradise - Universe Of Love

Rhythm Of Paradise

Universe Of Love

Rhythm Of Paradise returns on mothership Cosmic Rhythm after two years with a brilliant and lushy italo house masterpiece. To not be missed!

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM09 € 9,99

David Vunk - Omega Strap EP

David Vunk

Omega Strap EP

David Vunk is on the roll as a dj but also he lives the true spirt studio life in his atomic bunker downtown Rotterdam city. His newest work is a 12 i... more...

12inch Moustache: MTECHS008 € 10,99

Cubus Larvik - State And Design

Cubus Larvik

State And Design

“State and Design” is the third release by Estonian electronic music duo Cubus Larvik (Karl Saks, Hendrik Kaljujärv), and is based on choreographer Ka... more...

LP Serious Serious: SRS004 € 14,99

The Pulse Projects - Soon To Be EP

The Pulse Projects

Soon To Be EP

The Pulse Projects is the moniker of Albert van Abbe's electro-focused venture. His forthcoming release on Patron Records leans heavily on the gritty... more...

12inch Patron: Patron005 € 9,99

02-09-2018 - sunday

TAFKAMP - Indrukken



For REVENGE0 we are proud to present TAFKAMP's full-length 'INDRUKKEN' cassette album, featuring some of the artist's deeper and dreamy productions to... more...

Cassette Tape + MP3 Revenge Techniques: REVENGE0 € 13,99

31-08-2018 - friday

Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor  - Vapour Waves

Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor

Vapour Waves

Australian producers Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code team up with The Hacker to deliver another powerful electro release on Mechatronica. Vap... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON008 € 9,99

Tensal - Graphical (remixes)


Graphical (remixes)

Following the critically acclaimed debut album from Tensal, Soma presents a specially commissioned remix EP to compliment the album. A varied collecti... more...

12inch Soma: SOMA526 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-08-2018 - wednesday

Jolly Mare - Logica Natura

Jolly Mare

Logica Natura

Crazy 12 track library music style album on this ace Italian label. All based around bumping live rhythms triggering an obscure Japanese drum synth mo... more...

LP Orbeatize: BEAT02 € 23,49

Black Merlin - Oba Enka

Black Merlin

Oba Enka

George Thompson aka Black Merlin is joining the family of Mannequin Records with this insane EP for the Death of the Machines, the serie dedicated to... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ124 € 9,99

Richenel - Perfect Stranger


Perfect Stranger

Music From Memory return with a further six tracks from Dutch musician Richenel. Continuing with recordings taken from his debut album 'La Diferencia’... more...

12inch Music From Memory: MFM034 € 19,99

27-08-2018 - monday

Lucrecia Dalt - Anticlines

Lucrecia Dalt


Lucrecia Dalt’s Anticlines is a volume of bodily and geological substrates within poetic theory and sound. It is a place where skins and minerals diss... more...

LP RVNG Records: RVNGNL47LP € 19,00
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Esker - Destruction Time Again


Destruction Time Again

Forgoing traditional melody and song-writing, Esker's distinctive sound focuses on the interplay between noise, texture and rhythm. Voitax is happy to... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI012 € 9,99

Bornek - Backhandforce Ep


Backhandforce Ep

Refreshingly new oldskool techno tracks by Bornek Nowec, a project by a Rotterdam based dj/producer known for his long tied connections with the local... more...

12inch TR-3V3 Records: 171517M1 € 9,99

Legowelt - Omnibus Babylon EP


Omnibus Babylon EP

Dusty grooves from the dunes of Scheveningen! Inspired by myth, legend and scifi; Legowelt conjures up four ancient mysticism and space odyssey themed... more...

12inch Clone West Coast Series: CWCS011 € 9,99

Fastgraph - Systematic



Re-release alert! Remastered version of a valuable electro must have!

12inch Klakson: kl-rr1 € 9,99

23-08-2018 - thursday

Various Artists - Neptunalia

Various Artists


Superb compilation of modern ambient/minimal electronix featuring exclusive tracks from a wealth of current talent. No snips available for now, come b... more...

LP Lal Lal Lal 92: LAL92/IKU054 € 21,49

22-08-2018 - wednesday

Desroi - Dwell In Motion


Dwell In Motion

Desroi debuts on Avian. Shifted’s Avian label returns to fore with a heady, five track offering from German producer, Desroi. In keeping with the lab... more...

12inch Avian: AVN033 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L