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21-01-2019 - monday

Aleksi Perala - Sunshine 3

Aleksi Perala

Sunshine 3

Aleksi Perala with the last installment of the Sunshine series! Beautiful and bright modern electronix based on the Colundi musical tuning system. (qu... more...

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2LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub038 € 21,99 remind

16-01-2019 - wednesday

Victor de Roo - Nachtdichter

Victor de Roo


Nachtdichter (poet of the night) is the world of Victor de Roo, assisted by the words of Alex Deforce: “Meer naar café's, ze gaan dicht zonder ons”.... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH019 € 12,99
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14-01-2019 - monday

Various Artists - System Updates

Various Artists

System Updates

After 10 years of deep hibernation, Southern Outpost's sub-label, Datadisk, brings the first in a series of 'System Updates' (think Direct Beat style... more...

12inch Datadisk: DDv2.0 € 10,99

Gerd - Easin' In The S-System


Easin' In The S-System

Re-issue of Gerd's atmospheric & mysterious techno track "Easin' In The S-System" originally released on Brave New World in 1994. Package includes pre... more...

12inch Frame Of Mind: FOM011 € 9,99

Various Artists - From The Dark Volume 3

Various Artists

From The Dark Volume 3

Following volumes 1 & 2, Cultivated Electronics label-head Sync 24 hails another world-class line up to the helm to bring 'From The Dark' to a strong... more...

2LP Cultivated Electronics: CE028 € 19,99

Mark A. Mitchell - How Can I? / All Your Love

Mark A. Mitchell

How Can I? / All Your Love

Re-issue of this rare & collectable mid-80s boogie/funk double-sider, music created by the group Cybotron, comes complete with pic sleeve. Fantasy Lov... more...

7inch Fantasy Love Records: FL005 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

HIA and Biosphere - Polar Sequences (Remastered)

HIA and Biosphere

Polar Sequences (Remastered)

In October 1995, as part of the annual Polar Music Festival, Geir Jenssen of Biosphere and Bobby Bird of The Higher Intelligence Agency, were commissi... more...

2LP Biophon Records: BIO032LP € 24,99

10-01-2019 - thursday

Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind - Missin You EP

Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind

Missin You EP

Exactly 25 years ago, in January 1994, U-TRAX released an EP from a new young talent from the Utrecht area. His name: Frank de Groodt, who's debut Mis... more...

12inch U-Trax: 4UTRQDM1 € 9,99
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07-01-2019 - monday

Persona Non Grata - God of snakes

Persona Non Grata

God of snakes

Second bite of the Rattleznake sub label from SolarOneMusic. This time from the young and fresh artist "Persona Non Grata" based in Stockholm. Beautif... more...

12inch Rattleznake: RATZ002 € 10,99

DA BOOK - Vixxen



A real Techno / House / Electrosynth Stomper!! "Patrik Book has being in our knowledge since we were kids and listening to his early project AUSGANG... more...

12inch Borft: Borft162 € 10,99

27-12-2018 - thursday

Ectomorph - Subsonic Vibrations


Subsonic Vibrations

The debut record from Ectomorph that launched it all, the project, and the label Interdimensional Transmissions in 1995. This is the first time it has... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT001 € 13,49

De Fabriek - Schafttijdsamba

De Fabriek


Reissue of the first De Fabriek album originally self-released in 1982. A masterpiece of minimal experimental music. It has been remastered and includ... more...

LP B.F.E. Records: BFE047 € 21,99

24-12-2018 - monday

21-12-2018 - friday

Photonz - Etheric Body Music EP


Etheric Body Music EP

Photonz is the alias of Marco Rodrigues a DJ, producer and driving force of Lisbon's underground scene. For little over a decade now, he's been crafti... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE239 € 14,49

Eszaid - Eurosouvenir



Collapsing Market co-founder Eszaid sums up the mood of a Europe on the brink with ‘Eurosouvenir’, a raw and gloomy debut album inspired by the metaph... more...

12inch Collapsing Market: CLPMR006 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Die Form - Some Experiences With Shock

Die Form

Some Experiences With Shock

Die Form is a French post-industrial and electronic band formed in 1977 as the primary project of electronic musician and multimedia artist Philippe F... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE232 € 19,99

19-12-2018 - wednesday

Black Replica / Heinrich Mueller - MP312

Black Replica / Heinrich Mueller


Black Replica first appeared online over a decade ago, and performed live during a short European tour. Despite the interest in their music, none of t... more...

LP Metaphysik: MP312 € 17,99

Empfänger - Schwarze Kohle


Schwarze Kohle

It’s Swedish New Beat, and Industrial craze. TowLie and Dj Sling are making music together as Empfänger. Releasing first time on Lux Rec. The EP is wi... more...

12inch Lux Rec: LXRC37 € 11,99

Nuel - The Gentle EP


The Gentle EP

After a short appearance as remixer for Wata Igarashi’s Ciphers, Nuel is back at work, delivering a fat 4tracker of groovy delightfulness.

12inch Midgar Records: MDG015 € 9,99

17-12-2018 - monday

Sam McQueen - Sephoria EP

Sam McQueen

Sephoria EP

Sam McQueen's 2004 EP Sephoria is next up to get the Delsin remaster, recut and reissue treatment. The Chicago native has released music as Indio with... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/X18 € 9,79

12-12-2018 - wednesday

Zazou Bikaye - Na Kenda

Zazou Bikaye

Na Kenda

Reissue of Zazou's acid club banger. Two different mixes of Na Kenda here. On the flip you'll find bonus track ''Ba Wela'' taken from the album ''Guil... more...

12inch Ensemble: ENS008 € 10,49

10-12-2018 - monday

Various Artists - The World Of Interactive Test

Various Artists

The World Of Interactive Test

Art-aud is thrilled to present you a big thing. Its been in the work for a while, a project collaboration with the historical Italian label, Interacti... more...

12inch Art-Aud: AA-IT € 13,49

Rise Black - Agressor EP

Rise Black

Agressor EP

Rise black - Agressor EP Moustache Records 038 delivers us 5 tracks from the dark side of Spain! The first is named: "Black snake" this is a dark pum... more...

12inch Moustache: MST038 € 9,99

Unknown Artist - In The Future 02
12inch In The Future: ITF02 € 9,99

Zombies in Miami / Pin Up Club - BAR Records 02

Zombies in Miami / Pin Up Club

BAR Records 02

Darker days are coming. BAR02 is a haunting and slightly dramatic winterproof ep. Zombies in Miami from Mexico created 2 tracks that would fit in a sc... more...

12inch BAR Records: BAR02 € 9,99

Anthony Linell - Sculpting Energy

Anthony Linell

Sculpting Energy

Anthony Linell's latest suite of tracks cruise and drift with their head up. With a dizzy palette of terse and winding melodies, 'Sculpting Energy' fe... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE56 € 9,99

Valentino Mora - Transmagnetic

Valentino Mora


Spazio Disponibile welcomes Valentino Mora for a new EP featuring four tracks of rhythmic exploration. Boss of the IDO label and known for his atmosph... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio016 € 9,99

Elecktroids - Elektroworld



"Based in Flint, Michigan, USA the four young sons of an electrician welded together their debut album. This album, titled Elektroworld, is a personal... more...

2x12inch Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC035LP € 20,99

05-12-2018 - wednesday

Gerry Franke - Chiroyli Kamalak

Gerry Franke

Chiroyli Kamalak

Loose rhythm tracks from Gerry Franke (Max Graef Band, Torben Unit)

7inch Termina: TERM01 € 11,49

04-12-2018 - tuesday

MJ Lallo - Star Child

MJ Lallo

Star Child

MJ Lallo sings to trees and distant planets. She plays drum machines, synthesizers and processes her voice to sound like percussion, space ships, trum... more...

12inch Seance Centre: 04SC € 24,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mesak - Hamara Komero EP


Hamara Komero EP

On Board Music comes back with an original EP from Finnish artist Mesak. Articulated over ambient sounds, IDM ballads, futuristic techno textures and... more...

LP On Board Music: OB.M02 € 13,99

03-12-2018 - monday

Carl Finlow - Boolean EP

Carl Finlow

Boolean EP

Carl Finlow's Beckoned EP was the first EP on Craigie Knowes back in 2016, since then he's seen a string of releases under various guises on some of t... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP12 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

FRAK - Project Digitalis


Project Digitalis

FRAK are back on track with this dreamy album with deep dark hypnotic slow rhythmic tracks. This is experimental analog and haunting dancemusic at s... more...

LP Borft: DP20 € 11,99

Randomer - HS002



After collaborating with Clouds for the first Headstrong Records drop Randomer goes solo on the label's second release.

12inch Headstrong Records: HS002 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DMX Krew - What Happened To Peace?

DMX Krew

What Happened To Peace?

Epic dancefloor techno and High Tech Funk from DMX Krew on his own label Breakin' Records!

12inch Breakin' Records: BRK60 € 9,99

Dogpatrol - ORPHEUS009



''I met Marcell at a gig I played at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg earlier this year, he was serving beers behind the bar all night, it was a fun but... more...

12inch Black Orpheus: Orpheus009 € 9,99

30-11-2018 - friday

Daif - Between The Lines EP


Between The Lines EP

Shadow Play is back with a four tracker EP by Daif. The french producer brings the heat on this release with 4 materials made for the club between te... more...

12inch Shadow Play: SP004L € 12,49

Heinrich Dressel - Lost In The Woodland

Heinrich Dressel

Lost In The Woodland

From the whimsical resonance of the title piece, a sonic pathway through a verdant soundscape is laid. Gentle melodies caress and embrace before the r... more...

LP Bordello A Parigi: BAP127 € 15,99

Ruins - New Record LP


New Record LP

After a long time in the works, Mothball Record is proud to present a lost album from legendary Italian wave band: Ruins. Hailing from Venice, Ruin... more...

LP Mothball: RUINS001 € 15,99

As Longitude - That’s When The Animals Turned Into Humans

As Longitude

That’s When The Animals Turned Into Humans

As Longitude is the Berlin based duo Eva Geist and Ondula, which started to make its place on the new electronic scene after brillant release last yea... more...

12inch Macadam Mambo: MMX1001 € 16,99

Rings Around Saturn - Rings Around Saturn

Rings Around Saturn

Rings Around Saturn

For the first album on brokntoys, Rory McPike (Rings Around Saturn, Bleekman, 2200, Pickleman) puts the hammer down with a double pack of abstract and... more...

2x12inch Brokntoys: Brokntoys30 € 31,99

Osynlige Mann - Airports / Exodus

Osynlige Mann

Airports / Exodus

Well renowned bass player extraordinaire, Osynlige Mann (URAN GBG, The Exorcist) from Gothenburg releases long awaited new solo material On Hoga Nord... more...

7inch Hoga Nord Rekords: HNR028 € 10,99

29-11-2018 - thursday

Daniel Savio - Born Free 36

Daniel Savio

Born Free 36

Mr. Savio is a Stockholm underground legend and a good friend of Born Free since the early days. On BF36 he's serving up three house jams paying homag... more...

12inch Born Free: BF036 € 9,99

27-11-2018 - tuesday

Various Artists - Libertine 10

Various Artists

Libertine 10

Libertine turns 10! An Outstanding compilations that showcase all the shades of Libertine music concept, from electro to techno and trance inlfuenced... more...

3x12inch Libertine: LIB10 € 34,99

26-11-2018 - monday

VC-118A - Vaxna



The next carefully assembled Delsin re-issue EP is four tracks of slick electro from VC-118A aka Samuel van Dijk, who also released on Delta Funktione... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/X16 € 9,99