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Black Merlin - NOI

Black Merlin


The English artist George Thompson aka Black Merlin, is the name behind our fifth release. He debuts on the label with his 4-track EP in which he c... more...

12inch She Lost Kontrol: SLK005 € 15,99

Lower Tar  - Stung

Lower Tar


The first vinyl release from Night Gaunt Recordings, Stung is a presentation of 5 hard hitting EBM-infused techno tracks that are constantly churning... more...

12inch Night Gaunt: NG020 € 15,99

The X Initiative - Snapshots Of The Past

The X Initiative

Snapshots Of The Past

The X Initiative is the follow-up to Adam X’s ten volume series project “The Secret Initiative”. Now one year on since unveiling the secret, Adam cont... more...

12inch Fleisch: F//014 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Le Chocolat Noir - CRNA RUŽA

Le Chocolat Noir


Five cuts of obsessive electro/ebm from the cold heart of Croatia that will make you sweat. Unchaste vocals on brash basslines and slicing snares are... more...

12inch She Lost Kontrol: SLK009 € 15,99

Kontravoid - Too Deep


Too Deep

Kontravoid aka Cameron Findlay marks his follow-up release on Fleisch with his second full-length LP, a cinematic distillation of the sounds that have... more...

LP Fleisch: F//015 € 23,99

Boris Barksdale - Tephra Ensemble

Boris Barksdale

Tephra Ensemble

Debut Vinyl release for Greek outsider Boris Barksdale, presenting 4 lo-fi, nightmarish and cinematic cuts inspired by 80’s industrial and body music... more...

12inch Veleno Viola: VV009 € 12,99

Marc Ash - Litanies For The Self

Marc Ash

Litanies For The Self

The fifth issue of Blacksilk sees the return of label head Marc Ash. Following the debut of his one-project moniker Plovdiv in 2016, a tape EP on Clan... more...

12inch Black Silk: BSLK005 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Newboy - Funky Bullshit


Funky Bullshit

Night Gaunt Recordings is proud to present Funky Bullshit, the debut solo release of Newboy –the new pseudonym of Greg Vand (Din, High Functioning Fle... more...

12inch Night Gaunt: NG9353 € 15,99

Fractions - Scars Of Love


Scars Of Love

Following their powerful debut “Control”, the Prague-based duo Fractions return to Fleisch with a second serving of their signature body music. “Scars... more...

12inch Fleisch: F//013 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Reka X Imperial Black Unit - Todo Avaricia

Reka X Imperial Black Unit

Todo Avaricia

‘Todo Avaricia’ by Reka and the duo Imperial Black Unit is the result of an immediate and natural connection forged between the three artists, through... more...

12inch Fleisch: F//016 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kris Baha -  In Your Arms

Kris Baha

In Your Arms

No stranger to the darkness, Kris Baha takes us by the heart this time for the 8th she lost kontrol’s release. The sound of this 12? extended EP is s... more...

EP She Lost Kontrol: SLK007 € 19,99