Minimal - In Stock

Laurine Frost  - Lena

Laurine Frost


Lovely album from Laurine Frost (Marionette) that skates on the fringes of Techno, IDM and minimal music. more...

2LP LYKA: LYKA001 € 30,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Noemi Buchi - Matiere

Noemi Buchi


Deep paths of complex rhythms and otherworldly sounds. more...

12inch Light Of Other Days: LOOD018 € 12,49

MSPE - Untitled



Repress of the Minimal/ Electro hybrids by MSPE (Markus Sommer & Phil Evans) more...

2x12inch Pager Records: PAGERWHITE001 € 24,49

Various Artists - What NxT 005

Various Artists

What NxT 005

Agus Garcia brings his swinging live jam electro-tinged sound and Nicola Brusegan some true deep house goodness. Label Head Rich NxT supplies the remi... more...

12inch What NxT: WHXT005 € 12,99

Zug - Algunos Sentimientos


Algunos Sentimientos

Deep vibes from the soul of Zug to elevate the spirits. Part 3 for the 'Algunos Sentimientos' series. Third episode contains: Gratitude, Security, Mad... more...

2x12inch Zug: ZUG002 € 15,99

Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin - From A Distance EP

Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin

From A Distance EP

Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin are kicking off Salin Deep, Salin Records' sublabel dedicated to raw and dub- influenced house music. Every Record Sl... more...

12inch Salin: SALINDEEP1 € 13,99

Unknown Artist - Untitled

Unknown Artist


Handstamped and limited press as we know from this iconic mysterious imprint.

12inch Oge: OGEWHITE008 € 12,49

Ali Demir - Mind Black EP (Silat Beksi remix)

Ali Demir

Mind Black EP (Silat Beksi remix)

Modeight Records now shines a light on an exciting new talent in Icelandic artist Ali Demir. Injecting a funky, infectious energy into 3 original comp... more...

12inch Modeight: MODEIGHT011 € 12,49

Bernat - Rise EP


Rise EP

Rise EP is the first vinyl release of ''Reptil'', a new Argentina-based label curated by Bernat.

12inch Reptil: RPTL001 € 12,99

E.Colaci / A.Galasso - 20 Years Later (Incl. Jad & The Remixes)
12inch Speed Dial: Speeddial002 € 14,99

Kulku - Fahren



Hard to define blend of percussive minimalism, folk, krautrock, post-punk and no wave from Kulku on Glasgow's Phase Group (Run by Lo Kindre and Mr T.C... more...

LP Phase Group: PHASE04 € 23,99

Montei - Series EP


Series EP

Next up on OGE's main imprint is Argentina's Montei, 4 killer cuts for the dancefloor.

12inch Oge: OGE015 € 12,99

Unknown Artist - Untitled
12inch Oge: OGEWHITE009 € 12,49

iO (Mulen) - Lucky Fish - part 2

iO (Mulen)

Lucky Fish - part 2

The ''Lucky Fish'' album consists of three different vinyls full of killer grooves: between smooth deep house and techy bangers, cooked in unique iO (... more...

12inch Mulen: MULENLP1.2RP € 12,49

Nerve Maze - ASV001

Nerve Maze


Chapter 1 of Abstract Sounds Carefully selected tracks from Nerve Maze.

12inch Abstract Sounds: ASV001 € 12,99

Dieru - Light After Darkness EP


Light After Darkness EP

Finally, Dieru is back for more with his second solo EP at Depth Over Distance. Pad filled floating house cuts, with a smooth as butter edit from fell... more...

12inch Depth Over Distance: DOD666 € 15,99

Bloom - Imbue



Fast becoming America's most auspicious triumvirate of minimal electronic music interpreters, Imbue's sixth enactment on their self-titled imprint, pr... more...

LP Imbue: IMB006 € 12,99

Eric Louis - Adventures

Eric Louis


Devilish Affair is a dance floor focused house & techno label infused with dub and technoid tones. The music is decorated visually by Brooklyn based p... more...

12inch Develish Affair: DA001 € 12,99

The Mole - That Is Nice

The Mole

That Is Nice

Sound Of Vast welcomes the return of The Mole this November with his 'That Is Nice' EP, comprised of three typically twisted cuts from the Canadian-bo... more...

12inch Sound Of Vast: SOV017 € 10,99

Zorg - Eclipse 001 (Glowing Edition)
12inch Eclipse: ECLIPSE001RP € 14,99

Salmanazar - Salmanazar 01


Salmanazar 01

Salmanazar is introducing his new imprint with 4 pieces exploring different minimalistic genres.

12inch Salmanazar: SALMANAZAR01 € 12,99

Sam Bangura / Henry Hyde - NSR010

Sam Bangura / Henry Hyde


As the London-based NorthSouth Records enter their fifth year they also arrive at their tenth release. After a run of artist EPs NSR returns to the sp... more...

12inch NorthSouth Records: NSR010 € 14,99

BufoBufo - Substrate EP
12inch Partout: PARTOUT6.05 € 12,49

Omni A.M. - New York Sessions

Omni A.M.

New York Sessions

Emerging from the dark recesses of the Chicago and London underground, in 2000 Omni a.m. relocated to New York. This EP marked their first release in... more...

12inch Euphoria Records: AHH00555 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cabanne, Ema Remedi & Stekke - SKT012 (Remixes)

Cabanne, Ema Remedi & Stekke

SKT012 (Remixes)

Special release, limited copies, with two remixes of the lawful Ema Remedi. A side, Stekke Remix, first remix of the duo on Sketches. The re-interp... more...

12inch Sketches Records: SKT012.5 € 13,49

Laudrup - Siempre EP (N-Gynn Remix)


Siempre EP (N-Gynn Remix)

Rave connoisseurs Superlux have once more compiled another fantastic genre-melding release, this time calling on the versatile sounds of Laudrup. The... more...

12inch Superlux: SPLX07 € 13,99

DJ ojo - Coiled Up

DJ ojo

Coiled Up

The next EP on Blank Mind comes from DJ ojo. His first fully- fledged EP is the result of a mission to find balance between warmth and weirdness, stru... more...

12inch Blank Mind: BLNK019 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Saudade - Come Back To The Quarter Note Ep


Come Back To The Quarter Note Ep

Saudade aka Fabian Appolaire returns to Carpet & Snares’s Patterns series with four refined explorations of jazz-inflected minimal house. As on his de... more...

12inch Carpet & Snares: CARPET/PATTERNS03 € 14,99

Vel - Era L


Era L

After a first distinctive appearance in 2021 on the dynamic XX LAB compilation, Vel returns on the independent label leading this next release. 'Era L... more...

12inch XX Lab Records: XXLABL004 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

John Lagora - Gladiator

John Lagora


German John Lagora is a new kid on the block. With his first few tracks he managed to get noticed by Traum and Beatport which highlighted some of his... more...

12inch Fortek: FT022 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

J Gabriel & Chuffing Buffy - Transform EP
12inch Convent: Convent01 € 14,99

Unknown Artist - Untitled

Unknown Artist


Next up on OGE's hand stamped white series are these four gems from Macedonia

12inch Oge: OGEWHITE010 € 11,99

386i - Orkl-0114 Series 01


Orkl-0114 Series 01

Three 12inch white-label vinyl releases produced by Frankfurt based artists 386i, Benjamin Milz and Koga as a tribute to Sheffield’s bleep techno era. more...

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL-0114-01 € 13,99

Per Hammar & Malin Genie - Airways EP

Per Hammar & Malin Genie

Airways EP

The Swedish/Dutch label De Vloer is back with its signature sound of floor focused dub, produced by the label owners themselves.

12inch De Vloer: Vloer02 € 15,99

G.I.N.O. - OTTEP10 (Incl. DJ Honesty & Franco Cinelli Remixes)


OTTEP10 (Incl. DJ Honesty & Franco Cinelli Remixes)

Ottavia Records comes with OTTEP10 from G.I.N.O. who was part of the duo “Code Deploy” (which released music on labels such as Budare). The first trac... more...

12inch Ottavia Records: OTTVA010 € 12,99

RQZ - SVR002



Rising Romanian producer RQZ is back on Sous-Vide Records following his previous remix of ''First Floor'' from SVR001. This time the Mioritmic reside... more...

12inch Sous-Vide Records: SVR002 € 6,99

Sepp - Imperial Star EP


Imperial Star EP

First release from Purple Print featuring Sepp. Grooving minimal!

12inch Purple Print: PRP001 € 12,49

Furz / Ali Demir - Reykjavik 4am

Furz / Ali Demir

Reykjavik 4am

Bringing together talented artists from across the globe to release their music on 12'' format alongside label owner Ali Demir.

12inch Distrakt Audio: DST001 € 12,49