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Hyph11E x Kode9 - Barnacles

Hyph11E x Kode9


Surprise drop of industrial bashment and sick jungle/drill mutations featuring Kode9’s first workout since 2019 - massive tip if yr into Hakuna Kulala... more...

12inch SVBKVLT: SBKT036 € 15,99

Giuliano Sorgini - Occulto

Giuliano Sorgini


Two years after the stunning AFRICA OSCURA, Four Flies Records is back with another gem from Giuliano Sorgini's secret archives, this time one which u... more...

LP Four Flies Records: FLIES047 € 34,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Piry Reis - Untitled

Piry Reis


Brazilian music at it's finest! 2x7'' set of four beautiful Piry Reis recordings from the 70s and 80s. Disc one is a reissue of his 1975 single on... more...

2x7inch New Dawn: ND006 € 19,99

mndsgn - Rare Pleasure


Rare Pleasure

Rare Pleasure is Mndsgn's third album to be released on Stones Throw Records. Following 2016's Body Wash, this album truly shows the artist's evolutio... more...

LP Stones Throw: STH2451 € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Movement In The City - Black Teardrops

Movement In The City

Black Teardrops

1981 South African Soul-Funk-Jazz from the master tape vault of the As-Shams/The Sun label by the creator of the Black Disco albums. As underground ja... more...

LP Sharp Flat: SF08 € 27,99

Unknown Me - Bishintai

Unknown Me


The 4th full-length by Tokyo Metropolis entity UNKNOWN ME, Bishintai, is a sublime synthetic suite of cosmic wellness transmissions exploring “the unk... more...

LP + Download Not Not Fun: NNF360 € 21,99

Agonis - Neutropia



After having released an initial set of smoked-out grooves, Agonis shifts focus towards the nerve tingling aspects of his craft. On ''Neutropia'', Ago... more...

2LP + Download Amenthia Recordings: Amen009 € 19,99

Erik Travis - I'm The Operator

Erik Travis

I'm The Operator

The obscure Detroit booty label from Erik Travis drops a cool 12 track double pack. Collectors watch out!!

2x12inch Fact Records: ET017 € 22,99

Various Artist - Don’t You Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid

Various Artist

Don’t You Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid

Nice compilation with a versatile selection with old 90's work and fresh new bits. for release 20 in Trip Nina Kraviz is tracing sub-cultures from the... more...

2LP Trip: TRP020 € 19,99

Theo Parrish - Took Me All The Way Back

Theo Parrish

Took Me All The Way Back

Repress! Great funkin' housemonster in the typical Theo Parrish / Moodymann etc. way. Don't sleep!

One sided 12 Sound Signature: Took1/KDJ018 € 13,99

Steve Summers - Generation Loss

Steve Summers

Generation Loss

Steve Summers delivers his long anticipated debut double lp for L.I.E.S. Stepping up with 13 tracks, Summers goes across the board exploring all ends... more...

2LP LIES: LIES169 € 29,99

Bees - Hi Keke


Hi Keke

This time it's another content. I went to the curve on my bike. However, I can't take a decent shot because I found a long bee in the area making a ne... more...

12inch A Visiting Link: VIS1T € 10,99

G.A.N.G. - KKK



Giorgio Gordano and Giorgio Dolce originally produced ''KKK'' back in 1983, and the track was taken into the hearts of the blossoming Balearic scene h... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX030 € 14,99

3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins - 3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins

3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins

3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins

Initially released in 1992, Juan Atkins joined forces with Moritz von Oswald and Thomas Fehlmann, for the second iteration of the latter duo’s 3 Men i... more...

2LP + Download Tresor: Tresor009LP € 24,99

Sansibar - Game Over


Game Over

The second release on Antti Salonen's Avoidance label comes from Sansibar who offers a new direction to his already diverse output. Four elegant and c... more...

12inch Avoidance: AVD002 € 10,99

Nuron & Fugue - Likemind 06 Nuron / Fugue

Nuron & Fugue

Likemind 06 Nuron / Fugue

A true unsung hero of mid 90's techno, Nurmad Jusat aka Nuron helped cement the UK sound that became synonymous with labels like Likemind, B12 and A.R... more...

2x12inch Likemind: LM06 € 23,99