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Malasod - Tomorrow Has Been Canceled


Tomorrow Has Been Canceled

Law of pinch conscious; think hard, look up, surge - reach over for balance. The next chapter predicts new fragrance, hidden logic, harmony. All will... more...

2x12inch Mirror Zone: MZ006 € 12,99

Karakum - Texture Of Time


Texture Of Time

Can sound freeze time? “Texture Of Time“ is Karakums first EP release, inspired by a fusion of electronic music and a classic band setup. It took the... more...

Mini-LP Nown: NOWN005 € 16,99
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Ibril - Systeme Stationnaire


Systeme Stationnaire

This project started when the first image of our central galaxy’s black hole was revealed in 2019. Système Stationnaire is a sonic interpretation of t... more...

12inch Nodal Group: NODAL003 € 12,99

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Versionen 008 (Remixes)

SHDW & Obscure Shape

Versionen 008 (Remixes)

From Another Mind celebrates its fifth anniversary with 'Versionen 008’, a mammoth remix package. With influences across the release darting between a... more...

2x12inch From Another Mind: FAM008 € 25,99

Uncrat - Exclaim EP (P.E.A.R.L. remix)


Exclaim EP (P.E.A.R.L. remix)

Next up on Falling Ethics' sublabel Moral Standards is the young and promising Uncrat. The ''Exclaim EP'' is a perfect example of how techno is consta... more...

12inch Moral Standards: MOST003 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ_Karawai - GoaTekk



GoaTekk is a mind blowing blend of sharp breakbeat rhythms and flying Goa Trance feeling with a huge blow of Acid influence.

12inch Urwaxx: URWXV001 € 13,99

Lars Huismann - Take The Step (AnD remix)

Lars Huismann

Take The Step (AnD remix)

Focus mode to the fullest. Berlin-based Lars Huismann strikes back on Voxnox Records, with his four-track EP ''Take The Step''

12inch Voxnox: VNR044 € 12,49

CZN - Commutator



CZN stands for copper, zinc and nickel the raw path of materials used by percussionist and sculptor Joao Pais Filipe, composer and drummer Valentina M... more...

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN018 € 12,99

Syberian98 - Verworren Und Licht


Verworren Und Licht

In this solo EP syberian98 builds up a shelter and escapes nowaday brutal and generic technoish sound. You find here acidized, much more soulful, tran... more...

12inch Syberian: SYBXX01 € 11,99

Various Artists - Spit On The Plate

Various Artists

Spit On The Plate

When the reopening is slowly approaching, chaos is slowly dissolving. We pushed the button to try the new reality and for the soundtrack we've got for... more...

12inch Kaos: KAOS09RP € 12,99

Various Artists - Katha

Various Artists


Following the critically acclaimed Vinyan cassette, K?th? is Siamese Twins’ second curated pan-Asian compilation selected to form a continuous and coh... more...

Cassette Tape + MP3 Unknown: ST005 € 14,99

Trans-4M - Dencity / Butterflies


Dencity / Butterflies

Back in 2019, Safe Trip delivered a much-needed reissue of Trans-4m’s previously overlooked 1992 debut album, Sublunar Oracles, an ambient house and a... more...

12inch Safe Trip: ST022 € 12,49

ITNA - Supercinema 04


Supercinema 04

How does a musical production in the world of entertainment evolve and materialize? What happens behind the scenes of designing a musical idea? The... more...

12inch Supercinema Records: SCR04 € 11,99

a.b.u.303 - Anatolism



Marie Montexier, the head behind Paryìa, releases the label’s ?rst EP by the German-Turkish artist a.b.u.3.0.3. Creating a range of slow and fast rhyt... more...

12inch Paryia: Paryia001 € 12,99

DJ Life - Quantum Travel

DJ Life

Quantum Travel

Energetic prog-trance-techno blends. Comes with remixes from Adam Pits and Rudolf C.

12inch Distant Horizons: Distant006 € 13,49

Dosis - Naranja



Delicate Records sheds it’s soft sensitive skin; evolving through a callous cross-Canadian melding of the minds. Dosis is Nap (Isla / Ambien Baby) and... more...

12inch Delicate Records: DR002 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Psicotek - Trinity Of Spheres


Trinity Of Spheres

4 cosmic otherworldly tracks - alluding to different spheres and inspired by 90s Psychedelic Goa, Hard and Acid Trance.

12inch Crude: CRU001 € 18,99

Chari Chari - Mystic Revelation of Geography
Mini-LP Seeds And Grounds: SAGV038 € 14,99

tape_hiss - Fever Dream EP


Fever Dream EP

In this day and age it's hard to find dance music this emotional, warm, beautiful and deep. Brooklyn's tape_hiss delivers his signature sound on this... more...

12inch Echocentric Records: ECR011 € 10,99

Oprofessionell - UTE008



With his third solo EP on Ute.Rec, their very own Oprofessionell continuous his path of exploring nostalgia, psychedelia and hyper-emotions, while ble... more...

12inch UTE REC: UTE008 € 12,99

JCow - War1204



A melange of funky Breakz and Trance with a fat hit of Organic Groove.

12inch Warning Berlin: WAR1204 € 13,99

Der Dritte Raum - Kommit

Der Dritte Raum


Der Dritte Raum delivering a new album with a mix of Electro, Techno and Trance injected tracks. Colorful Splatter vinyl and Gatefold Cover. more...

2LP Harthouse: HHBER030-6 € 34,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Anniversary Sampler 04

Various Artists

Anniversary Sampler 04

Gestalt Records present the 4th installment of their Anniversary Sampler series, including brand new dancefloor cuts from Tywi, Route 8 and Reflex Blu... more...

12inch Gestalt Records: GST026 € 11,99

Volodymyr Gnatenko - Rainalice

Volodymyr Gnatenko


Back in 2021, when Volodymyr Gnatenko agreed to work on his debut album, none of us could have predicted it would be released, post-pandemic, against... more...

2x12inch Kalahari Oyster Cult: OYSTER38 € 26,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Genuine - Nu Ambient Grooves


Nu Ambient Grooves

''For the very first time, ITDR spaceship travels back in time to unearth 4 tracks from 'Genuine' (aka Chris Zippel) finest productions originally rel... more...

12inch Into The Deep Records: ITDR007 € 12,99

Byron Yeates - Sweat Ur Prayers

Byron Yeates

Sweat Ur Prayers

Sweat Ur Prayers, the next wavy addition to Radiant Love’s catalogue, is the first solo-EP of Byron Yeates. In their messaging, their timbres and groo... more...

12inch Radiant Love: RL005 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Overlords Of The Ufo - Hippies From Outer Space

Overlords Of The Ufo

Hippies From Outer Space

3 track EP by Overlords of the UFO, including 2 previously unreleased tracks and one track released on an earlier EP named Transcendental Overdrive.... more...

12inch Enlightenment: ENL 102 € 15,99

Various Artists - Sheva

Various Artists


The Sheva (Seven in Hebrew) compilation represents a large chunk of the sonic spectrum that is the Malka Tuti multiverse to date. From tribal to punk... more...

2x12inch Malka Tuti: MTX001 € 27,99

Paradise 3001 - Selected works from between 1992 and 1995

Paradise 3001

Selected works from between 1992 and 1995

2xLP retrospective compilation of Aad De Mooy's work in the first half of the 90's, a very unique flavor of early trance/acid techno productions, rema... more...

2x12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors08 € 38,99

Various Artists - Src004

Various Artists


positivesource is a sub-label of Blue Hour Music. The series brings together various electronic music artists with a focus on progressive attitudes in... more...

12inch positivesource: src004 € 16,49

Aiden Francis - Fusion EP (Biodive remix)

Aiden Francis

Fusion EP (Biodive remix)

The 27th release on Gestalt Records comes from Manchester-based Aiden Francis, spanning three original cuts of driving techno and a levitating remix b... more...

12inch Gestalt Records: GST027 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

L-3P - SPT007 (Marilao rmx)
12inch Space Trax: SPT007 € 14,99

K.O.P. 32 - Pluie Rouge EP

K.O.P. 32

Pluie Rouge EP

K.O.P. 32, a studied alchemist of sound prepared this mythical and enchanting debut 12-inch filled with fast-paced tribal rhythm sorcery, psyish textu... more...

12inch Mana Abundance: MANA002 € 13,99

P.O - Void Gardens EP


Void Gardens EP

Griffé is hyped to announce the return of P.O! A dark & melancholic technoish vibe filled with 80’s new wave sounds, breaks & spooky pessimistic vocal... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF009 € 14,49

Younger Than Me - WAR1206 (Maruwa Remix)

Younger Than Me

WAR1206 (Maruwa Remix)

The Younger Than Me debut on Warning hits hard with two powerful original cuts and sharp remixes. The Early Sound Of Nothing is a deep Rave belter dri... more...

12inch Warning Berlin: WAR1206 € 13,99

Bassrace - Futurama



Trancey breaky dancefloor bomb by UK's Morgan King and Nick Hook originally released in 1992. Featuring two new remixes by Juan Ramos and Trent. more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors11 € 18,99

Various Artists - Semimajor Axis

Various Artists

Semimajor Axis

Parties don’t last, printed music does. Surrounded by talented and nerdy friends from both real life and the Internet, much keener to work out drums a... more...

12inch Visolux: VSX01 € 14,49

TwO - Dynamic Human Spirit


Dynamic Human Spirit

Jigit’s mythical tales continue with the long awaited second release titled “Dynamic Human Spirit”. Recorded between Brooklyn and Detroit and mastered... more...

12inch Jigit: JIGIT002 € 17,99

Work The Peripherals (WTP) - Like Lava

Work The Peripherals (WTP)

Like Lava

Guiding weary travelers through an enchanting interdimensional odyssey, Work The Peripheral’s debut long player ‘Like Lava’ finds a treasured home on... more...

LP Companion: CMPN004 € 29,99