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Sounds & Sequences - Program

Sounds & Sequences


Deep dubby spaced out techno tracks on the ongoing Sounds & Sequences series.

12inch Sounds & Sequences: SS006de € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Isorinne - Speechless Malison


Speechless Malison

There is an intricate sorrow to Isorinne's new album, 'Speechless Malison.' Though broadly melodic, it feels exhausted rather than restrained; though... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE47 € 13,99

Various Artists - Arquitectura del Sueno (Exclusives)

Various Artists

Arquitectura del Sueno (Exclusives)

Semantica 101. A special triple album packed with talented techno producersdropping some deep trippy techno knowledge right here! Limited supplies. more...

3x12inch Semantica: Sem101 € 27,99

Max von Sydow - Insecto / Cardboard Pope

Max von Sydow

Insecto / Cardboard Pope

Swedes are known to have big confidence in authorities and conventions. Among the people living in Sweden, who take a stand against the above is one o... more...

7inch Hoga Nord Rekords: HNR022 € 8,49

Deepchord - Auratones



A foray into deep, organic, cinematic dance music. Subterranean bass, intercepted alien transmissions, and stripped down dance-beats meld with sheets... more...

2x12inch Soma: SOMALP117 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dean Blunt - Stone Island

Dean Blunt

Stone Island

World Music presents the first ever vinyl edition of Dean Blunt's siren song LP Stone Island. Recorded in full in a Moscow hotel room in 2013 and only... more...

LP World Music: WMD-001 € 21,99

Vtgnike - Collection



Gost Zvuk marks tenth release with a new full-length by Vtgnike, arguably the most influential producer on the Russian electronic scene who is also pa... more...

12inch Gost Zvuk: GOST010 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

PVS - The Shelter EP


The Shelter EP

After 3 years H.omevvork come back with his owner, four energy tracks with a little taste of the 90's.

12inch H.omevvork: HVV-004 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Michel Banabila - Early Works / Things Popping Up From The Past

Michel Banabila

Early Works / Things Popping Up From The Past

Michel Banabila, born 1961, is a sound artist, composer, and producer. Banabila releases music since 1983 and has produced musical scores for numerous... more...

2LP Bureau B: BB227 € 27,49

Toresch - Untitled



Avant-punk trio, Toresch, return with a 4 track EP for Dusseldorf's, Offen. Following on and loosening up (possibly the result of live performances?).... more...

12inch Offen Music: Offen007 € 14,49

Brain Machine - Peaks Remixes One

Brain Machine

Peaks Remixes One

Remixes One is given over to a quartet of trusted hands including man of the moment, Tolouse Low Trax, ambient visionary Gigi Masin, afro-techno-dub s... more...

12inch Emotional Response: ERS030/1 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

S. English - Eris

S. English


Following up his self titled 12 inch earlier this year Austin, Texas based Shane English continues in his path exploring the deep and bizarre edges of... more...

LP LIES: LIES102 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DyLAB - Malibu & Sess


Malibu & Sess

HIghly anticipated full length album by Australian producer DyLAB. Heavy duty analogue acid and techno with a distorted and sometimes industrial edge.... more...

CD New York Haunted: NYH120 € 9,99

New Frames - Highway Hypnosis

New Frames

Highway Hypnosis

Mysterious duo New Frames blends the experimental side of early 90's IDM & techno with modern day production. Heavy banging beats paired with intricat... more...

Cassette Tape New York Haunted: NYH110 € 8,99

Primitivo - Escupe, Grita, Mata


Escupe, Grita, Mata

Raw, distorted and naive techno tracks by Spanish producer Primitivo. This sounds like industrial gabber eaten to the bone by a bunch of industrial zo... more...

CD New York Haunted: NYH47 € 9,99

Ian Martin - Bheal

Ian Martin


Masterful electronics and industrial tinged ambient workouts by expert and SEER head Ian Martin. Some of the darkest vibes this side of Lustmord, some... more...

CD New York Haunted: NYH35 € 9,99

Erik Jaahalli - Skogens Tarar

Erik Jaahalli

Skogens Tarar

Hailing from Helsingborg but living in Berlin since 2012, swedish street artist and electronic musician Erik Jaahalli releases his debut on Borft. W... more...

12inch Borft: Borft149 € 10,99

Malvito - Boteco



MALVITO opens up his own imprint with 3 fresh cuts that come straight from the deep of the Amazon Jungle.

12inch Berimbau Discos: BD-001 € 12,49

Minais B - As The River At Its Source

Minais B

As The River At Its Source

15 minutes of highly emotional contemporary ambient music.

One sided 12 Petrola 80: PET-002 € 15,99

D.K. / S.K. - D.K. / S.K.

D.K. / S.K.

D.K. / S.K.

MAT's S.K. collaborates with D.K. (Antinote / Lies) on a 6 mini LP , recorded in Paris early 2017. more...

LP Melody As Truth: MAT009 € 18,99

Tarawangsawelas - Wanci



Tarawangsawelas are a musical duo from Bandung, mainly performing a contemporary version of Tarawangsa, the sacred music from Sundanese West Java. Her... more...

LP Morphine: Doser032 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Raw Ambassador - Shadows Of Evil x Death Of The Machines

Raw Ambassador

Shadows Of Evil x Death Of The Machines

Berlin based Mannequin Records pushes out some proper Industrial/EBM bangers. Raised in Pescara on the Adriatic Coast and ow based in Frankfurt am Mai... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ106 € 10,49

Tom Trago - Serene Waters

Tom Trago

Serene Waters

5 Track EP. Yamaha’s DX series of synthesizers has long been a source of inspiration for Tom Trago. The DX7, in particular, appeals to the Dutch produ... more...

12inch Voyage Direct: VD31 € 14,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Repetentes 2008 - Boulderball LP

Repetentes 2008

Boulderball LP

Boulderball is a whole new, fully stretched world, inspired by everything from the Bomberman Hero OST and Cesar Camargo Mariano's Prisma LP, to ''goin... more...

LP Future Times: FT043 € 14,99

Smersh - Sideways



Dark Entries returns to the New Jersey basement studio of Smersh to unearth an 18-minute jam session from 1989, backed with two contemporary remixes.... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE187 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High

Peppermint Lounge

Perfect High

Dark Entries Editions is proud to reissue ''Perfect High'' the 1983 debut 12” by Peppermint Lounge from Germany. The group consisted of Matthias Elver... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE183 € 13,99

Alesia Cosmos - Exclusivo!

Alesia Cosmos


Alésia Cosmos was a collective of musicians led by Bruno de Chénerilles formed in the early 1980s in Strasbourg, France. The group consisted of Pascal... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE177 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tom Ware - Tom Ware LP

Tom Ware

Tom Ware LP

Tom Ware is a Grammy nominated engineer, producer and musician from Omaha Nebraska. Throughout the 70s and 80s Tom was the drummer for many bands, inc... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE176 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Serge Bulot - Les Legendes De Broceliande LP

Serge Bulot

Les Legendes De Broceliande LP

Camisole Records is delighted to annonce the reissue of Serge Bulot sought after LP Les Légendes de Broceliande. Composed equally with synthesizers, o... more...

LP Camisole: CAM011 € 25,99

Betonkust / Uj Bala - DDS01 EP

Betonkust / Uj Bala


1080p and Pinkman-affiliate Betonkust delivers vintage-tinged electronics – most prominently on his “Ferenc’s Escape” – while Új Bála digs deeper into... more...

12inch Dalmata Daniel: DDS01 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Red Axes - Kalacol EP

Red Axes

Kalacol EP

Post-Moondog Shamanic tribal trip. Combined dilapidated Post-Goa electronics with just the right amount of cowbells and guitars psych.

12inch Life And Death: LAD032 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dive Position / The Shining Path - Now Is Then

Dive Position / The Shining Path

Now Is Then

The Story of DIVE POSITION and THE SHINING PATH… began in 1982 when Peter Miller (aka Dr. William S Ray – vocals, tapes, guitar) met Andrew Millar (ak... more...

LP + 7inch Anna Logue Records: ANNA056 € 21,99

Alexis Georgopoulos - Fragments of A Season

Alexis Georgopoulos

Fragments of A Season

Emotional Response continues it's fifth year celebrations in welcoming two of the label's long held favourite artists Jefre Cantu Ledesma and Alexis G... more...

LP Emotional Response: ERS033 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Sangron Volume 1

Various Artists

Sangron Volume 1

Electronic Emergencies is thrilled to work together with brand new New York label Sangron Records on the 10-track compilation album 'Sangron Volume 1'... more...

LP Electronic Emergencies: EE019rtm € 14,99

Claro Intelecto - Exhilarator

Claro Intelecto


New long player from Manchester's Claro Intelecto. Entitled 'Exhilarator', the 13 track album marks a return to action for the esteemed producer. A ci... more...

CD Delsin: 127DSR-CD € 15,99

Going - III (Disque D'ORgue)


III (Disque D'ORgue)

Going's third effort is a joint release by Silent Water and meakusma. Recorded in the span of one year in monthly recording sessions, it sees them ven... more...

12inch + Download Meakusma: MEA022/SW015 € 19,99

7FO - Quiet Flash / Water Vapour


Quiet Flash / Water Vapour

BKV013 is 7 inches of infectious, Osaka-matured, aquatic dub from 7FO. 7FO-san has been in touch with Bokeh for over a year and kindly showed them rou... more...

7inch Bokeh Versions: BKV013 € 8,99

Nar Chieveol - Esperance Music Wir

Nar Chieveol

Esperance Music Wir

Decale is a fresh new label based in Biarritz (France). Décalé. focuses on reissuing worldwide french speaking music from the 80’s/90’s. Travelling in... more...

12inch Decale: DEC001 € 19,99

Voiski - Disconnections, Music For Clouds


Disconnections, Music For Clouds

First album from the french emotional techno producer, voiski presents a collection of tracks made on airplanes. A special edition including a photogr... more...

LP SUPER95: SUPER95-001 € 18,49

D.K. - Distant Images


Distant Images

Distant Images is D.K.’s fourth release on Antinote and we can say quite safely that Dang Khoa Chau fueled a few identifiable obsessions over the year... more...

12inch antinote: ATN038 € 16,99

Tarotplane - 358 Oblique


358 Oblique

Baltimore’s PJ Dorsey has traversed a lifelong journey delving into psychoactive music which can alter one’s cognitive and conscious state. He harness... more...

LP Lullabies For Insomniacs: LFI010 € 22,99

Ciel - Electrical Encounters


Electrical Encounters

The 4th release on Peach Discs is a debut EP from Toronto’s very own Ciel, formally known as Cindy Li, she’s been DJ and running parties for some time... more...

12inch Unknown: Peach004 € 11,99

Ingleton Falls - Champagne in Mozambique

Ingleton Falls

Champagne in Mozambique

Isle Of Jura’s second longplayer reissue is an album from Ingleton Falls that touches upon Ambient, Dub, House and Balearic styles and was originally... more...

12inch Isle Of Jura: ISLELP002 € 22,49

Pierre Bastien Et Eddie Ladoire  - Phantom Dance (Kraft and Oceanic Remixes)

Pierre Bastien Et Eddie Ladoire

Phantom Dance (Kraft and Oceanic Remixes)

Pierre Bastien is a French legend that has collaborated with artists such as Robert Wyatt, Jac Berrocal and Jaki Liebezeit, to name just a few. He is... more...

EP Versatile: VER118 € 10,99

Fitz Ambrose - Doe Quarterz

Fitz Ambrose

Doe Quarterz

The first record in the NBN series comes from Fitz Ambro$e - a Tokyo-based producer originally from Cape Breton, a remote island in Eastern Canada. Wi... more...

12inch All City Dublin: ACNBN001 € 18,99

Narwal - Nirvana



Narwal is a band from the Netherlands, most active during the 80's. It consists of four members that were also active in two industrial groups (de Fab... more...

LP Ongehoord: Ongehoord001 € 25,99

Alessandro Cortini - FORSE 1

Alessandro Cortini


2017 Repress. Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails/How To Destroy Angels) composed the Forse series using a Buchla Music Easel. Forse, meaning ''maybe'... more...

2x12inch Important: IMPREC373LP € 44,99