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Antonym - Revile



Hypnotising mechanical electronix on this limited (200 copies) mini-LP by Antonym. more...

12inch Semantica: Sem024 € 9,99

Svreca - Obscur. Initial


Obscur. Initial

LAST COPIES!! Semantica keeps exploring all boundaries of electronic music. Marcel Dettman and Grischa Lichtenberger deliver 2 outstanding remixes tha... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem018X € 13,99

Hackman - Bodies ep


Bodies ep

For their 3rd release Well Rounded bring you the imaginative and playful funky-influenced house sound of Hackman. This EP is packed with punchy & poli... more...

12inch Well Rounded: Wrnd03 € 8,49
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Anton Price - The Black Railway EP  /  CD 1998-2018

Anton Price

The Black Railway EP / CD 1998-2018

Anton Price is a jazz drummer turned electronic producer and back again. He has his own space-time continuum in which age-old African rhythms co-exist... more...

CD + 12 inch Morse records: Morse015(+cd) € 10,99

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus


Further reaches into a musical space that Flying Lotus had been exploring, however other collaborators such as Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke help deliver... more...

CD Warp: WARP195CDX € 13,99

Actress - Splazsh



Actress with his new album... called Splazsh! Great raw sincere electronica on the lovely Honest Jon label. One of those new artists doing raw and edg... more...

2x12inch Honest Jons: HJRLP049 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Guido - Orchestral Lab / Way U Make Me Feel


Orchestral Lab / Way U Make Me Feel

One of the biggest dubstep tunes of 2009 when we may decide... Orchestral Dub is one sick tune that grabs ones attention straight away! Explosive subb... more...

12inch Punch Drunk: Drunk011 € 8,99

STL - And His Quest for Sound


And His Quest for Sound

Something number 12 is a double Album from Stephan Laubner featuring nine Tracks and 4 bonus Loops, residing somewhere between deep cranky scientifics... more...

2LP Something: Something012 € 17,99

Basic Soul Unit  - Jak'd Freq (A Made Up Sound Remixes)

Basic Soul Unit

Jak'd Freq (A Made Up Sound Remixes)

Boy we couldn't resist hooking up with one of the youngest and brightest proteges in the West-Coast Undergound to slap out some crazy remixes of the B... more...

12inch Creme: Cr1247r € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Actress - Paint, Straw & Bubbles


Paint, Straw & Bubbles

This is one of those releases we would have loved to release ourselfs here at Clone! Actress is one of the young shots with his own sound and his own... more...

12inch Honest Jons: HJP048 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Clouds - Timekeeper (Dave Aju rmx)


Timekeeper (Dave Aju rmx)

Very limited one sided 12” release from Ramp Reecordings. Clouds 2008 clockwork garage masterpiece gets re-worked by Dave Aju.

One sided 12 Ramp: Ramp029 € 6,99

Cat & Mouse - Around and Round

Cat & Mouse

Around and Round

Produced by Kärtsy Hatakka from Waltari (Fin).

LP Sahko Puu: PUU015 € 8,99

Various artists - Moment Sound vol.1

Various artists

Moment Sound vol.1

A first collection of on this new US label that is dedicated to bring contemporary edge by up-and-coming producers from Chicago Garo, Lokua, Slava. An... more...

LP Moment Sounds: Moment001 € 9,99

Pineapple Circle - Circle Waves

Pineapple Circle

Circle Waves

Ambient electronics by Jukka Kaartinen & Aki Sallinen with a strong Detroit feel to it. Also featured on Mathew Hawtin's classic ambient techno compil... more...

12inch UPO: UPO-1 € 7,99

Impostor Orchestra - Heliopause

Impostor Orchestra


Excellent album by Jimi Tenor! LP version!

LP Sahko Puu: Puu019lp € 8,99

F - Energy Distortion part 3


Energy Distortion part 3

This is part 3 from French dubstep producer F with the dense and haunting Energy Distortion, one chaser through the vastness of empty space. Traversin... more...

2x12inch 7even Recordings: 7even014 € 12,99

P.F.F.R. - Injustice Center


Injustice Center

Very few original copies back in.

LP Invasion Planete: IP015 € 21,99

Pursuit Grooves - Fox Trot Mannerisms

Pursuit Grooves

Fox Trot Mannerisms

The addition of Pursuit Grooves to the Tectonic roster marks quite a stylistic shift from the darkened dubstep that we're used to hearing from the lab... more...

CD Tectonic: Teccd008 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tobias Bernstrup - 1984 ep

Tobias Bernstrup

1984 ep

Swedish visual and performance artist Tobias Bernstrup is able to create extremely catchy synth /elektro pop tunes while never crossing the line of de... more...

EP Enfant Terrible: Enfant002 € 13,99

Kaa Antilope - VPRO RadioNome April 2 1982

Kaa Antilope

VPRO RadioNome April 2 1982

Kaa Antilope from Belgium is possibly one of the better kept secrets from the 1980's. Known to few people but loved by those. The reason is simple...... more...

LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant013 € 14,99

CFX/XNDL - The Plague


The Plague

Enfant01 is a split lp by the German musicians CFX and XNDL entitled The Plague. Both artists have their own typical dark electronic sound with ambien... more...

EP Enfant Terrible: Enfant001 € 9,99

Death Domain - Ethidium Bromide

Death Domain

Ethidium Bromide

Death Domain, aka Adam Stroupe from Baltimore, his sound is undoubtedly one of the most bewildering, disorienting yet magnetic and infectious slices o... more...

7inch Dark Entries: DE002 € 8,99

Odaka - Warm Geometry


Warm Geometry

Odaka (also known as Rawakari)delivers some nice abstract techno in the best IDM tradition.He dabbles here with a flurry of machines, to obtain that d... more...

12inch Thin Consolation: Thin013 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cold Phoenix  - Your Eyes Are My Eyes

Cold Phoenix

Your Eyes Are My Eyes

Cold Phoenix were an italian dark wave / post punk group from Bologna, formed in 1985 by Vittorio Barion (bass), Alessandro Paltretti (guitar,vocals),... more...

CD Mannequin records: Cold Phoenix € 15,99

Various Artists - Danza Meccanica

Various Artists

Danza Meccanica

Fine collection of rare and early italian wave releases from 1982 - 1987 selected by Danza and with intro text by Fred Ventura in a limited run of 500... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ005 € 19,99

Deadboy - If U Want Me


If U Want Me

First release on the all new Numbers label is a collaboration between Dress 2 Sweat, Stuffrecords and Wireblock. If U Want Me is threatening to be the... more...

12inch Numbers: NMBRS0LTD € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DisinVectant - Open Wounds


Open Wounds

Uncompromising electronix by DisinVectant. Limited to 100 copies, 2 track 10-inch including a Surgeon remix! As with all Semantica releases there won'... more...

10inch Semantica: Sem019 € 11,99

Various Artists - Unheard

Various Artists


Previous unreleased tracks by Boards Of Canada, Plaid , Autechre, Electroids, Clark, Nightmares on Wax, Flying Lotus, Broadcast, Seefeel. more...

CD Warp: warp32202032 € 19,99

Reagenz  - Playtime 009.3


Playtime 009.3

Full CD release with tracks produced by David Moufang and Jonah Sharp. Nice long building ambientish deeper house with a steady drive sometimes tendin... more...

CD Workshop: Work009.3(59813) € 15,99

Various Artists - The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 1

Various Artists

The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 1

This is the first official volume of minimal wave music from Europe and North America recorded in the 1980s. Most of the songs were originally release... more...

CD Minimal Wave: STH2223CD € 19,99

Nsi - Eitherway



Forward thinking more experimental electronica tracks combined with characteristic techno tracks from this nice label. 6 tracks in total. more...

EP Non Standard Productions: NSP007 € 8,99

Falty DL - Bravery E.P.

Falty DL

Bravery E.P.

Drew Lustman follows up his critically acclaimed album on Planet Mu with a wonderful double twelve of more dancefloor orientated material. In places B... more...

2x12inch Planet-mu: ZIQ244 € 16,99

Francois de Roubaix - L'Antarctique / Autres seances electroniques rue de Courcelles

Francois de Roubaix

L'Antarctique / Autres seances electroniques rue de Courcelles

Repress in blue vinyl !! The late French soundtrack composer (1939-1975) was one of the first to use frequency modulators on an 8 track homestudio. He... more...

2LP WeMe Records: WeMe018 € 19,99

October - Say Again ep


Say Again ep

Abstract forward thinking techno tracks that work on the floor.October is out there with guys as Dj Koze and Pepe Bradock! Great production. check!

12inch Perspectiv: Pspv014 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Joker 6 ginz / Zomby / Samiyan - Hyperdub 5.2 ep

Joker 6 ginz / Zomby / Samiyan

Hyperdub 5.2 ep

Honouring their past, present and future in equal measure, ‘5 Years Of Low End Contagion’ is comprised of one disc of prior highlights, and one of fre... more...

12inch Hyperdub: HDB024 € 5,99

Sweat.X - I'm That Alley


I'm That Alley

‘I’m That Alley’ is the new single from South African shock-poppers, Sweat.X. It comes as they embark on their two month European tour and is a taste... more...

12inch Citinite: Nite013 € 8,99

Speculator / Professor Genius - Motorik ep.

Speculator / Professor Genius

Motorik ep.

Professor Genius from Italians Do It Better fame (in real life Jorge Velez) and Speculator (also known as Grackle, Galaxy Toobin, one half of Smackula... more...

12inch Echovolt: EVR001 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Roswell Return - Probe #5

Roswell Return

Probe #5

Deep space acid ambient techno on a 10 track mini-album by Roswell Return, who made his debut in 2009 with the massive IFTODEX C0001 release. Ten pric... more...

LP SD Records: SD21 € 7,99

Variant - The Setting Sun


The Setting Sun

Steve Hitchell delivers a serious treat for his legion of devoted followers with the next logical step in the Echospace saga leading to this digital o... more...

CD Echospace: EchoAirCD02 € 14,99

West Indian Girl - Solar Eyes

West Indian Girl

Solar Eyes

Our friends of Rong music with a new projects. West Indian Girl is a rock band from LA (popular in the 60's). Here they are being remixed by Wes Coats... more...

12inch Rong: Rong028 € 9,99

Moritz von Oswald Trio - Vertical Ascent

Moritz von Oswald Trio

Vertical Ascent

Through Basic Channel and Rhythm And Sound — his collaborations with Mark Ernestus — Moritz von Oswald mapped out the grounds of a deep exchange betwe... more...

CD Honest Jons: HJRCD045 € 19,99

Just So Nah / Typhique - Slim Floyd / Deadzone

Just So Nah / Typhique

Slim Floyd / Deadzone

2009. A 'over dimensional' first release of Dropsoup wherein the twilight shimmers thru the ordinaryand the absurd sounds common. With monotonous jazz... more...

12inch Dropsoup: Drop011 € 3,99

Soundmurderer - Toned Down ep


Toned Down ep

Tod Osborne is a chameleon, he can easily appropriate himself a musical style and perfectly operate while keeping his personality. After bowling over... more...

12inch WeMe Records: WeMe016 € 7,99

Queen Of Japan - Foreign Politics

Queen Of Japan

Foreign Politics

Queen of Japan are not just your run-of-the-mill cheeky-anarchistic electro-karaoke dandies, oh no! For underneath their golden crowns they keep firm... more...

12inch Erkrankung durch Musique: EDM1014 € 8,99

The Mistakeman - Rong Is Wright

The Mistakeman

Rong Is Wright

Electro pop Rock tracks. Although there are 11 mentioned tracks on this cd, track 12 is an unmentioned extra track. more...

CD Erkrankung durch Musique: EDM1013cd € 9,99

Club Le Bomb - Kebabträume

Club Le Bomb


The label describes it as Elekroponk with DAF cover versions.

12inch Erkrankung durch Musique: EDM1008 € 8,99