Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Remix)

Martyn - Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Remix)

Here it is, the one many of us have been waiting for, Martyn has employed the remix skills of two of the biggest names in underground music right now 2562 & Flying Lotus to remix the tunes from Martyn’s previous 3024 release ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Vancouver’. 2562 takes his signature 2-step techno hybrid visions to a new level of depth on his remix of Vancouver, a spiralling hypnotic rhythm and lush bassline that would naturally work great in a big club, while Flying Lotus uses his frantic glitch-hop skills to carve out a new way of viewing ‘Natural Selection’ with his ‘Cleanse Mix’. This is a sublime release that will appeal to both the Hip-Hop community, the deep techno heads, and the dubsteppers alike. Totally fresh.

12inch 3024: 3024-003 remind