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Johannes Volk

Internal Structure (gerd remix!)

cover: Johannes Volk - Internal Structure (gerd remix!)

The first twelve from Johannes Volk gained support Keith Worthy, Mike Huckaby, Mills, etc. On this second release Johannes drops a mighty techno stomper called Internal Structure reminiscent of some classic Robert Hood productions from way back. Inspired by a severe an damaging tornado storm in Volk’s hometown, this incredibly good, yet frantic piece of dance music is build from layer upon layer: static beats, grooving bassline, sweeping synths and a warm Rhodes-esque sound make this a apocalyptic but colourful banger. On the flip we have Gerd bringing home the potatoes for sure. His take on Volk’s Internal Structure is a mighty acid stomper reminiscent of those warehouse parties, yet it is done in a very contemporary way. Check!

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vinyl 12inch Lifeworld Life002 in stock buy € 4.99