Claro Intelecto

When The Time Is Right / Round & Round

Claro Intelecto - When The Time Is Right / Round & Round

''When The Time Is Right'' is just one of the deepest, deadliest tracks we've heard in some time, all sumptuous pads and midnight chords capturing that intangible thread between narcotic House at one end and Berlin Dub at the other. Over almost 9 minutes the textures gradually shift until a point of transition halfway that channels in those shimmering, barely conscious keys that mess with your mind and take you into balmy, impossibly glamorous climes. No producer we know is quite as able to offset bass weight with so much emotive subtlety without ever getting lost in self indulgence or schmaltz - it's a truly truly amazing piece of future Techno. Over to the flipside and the much more edgy proposition of 'Round & Round', a gargantuan, modified square-bassline jacker built on multi-layered percussion and an intensifying wall of chords that edges its way into the mix with every sequence only to once again drop out into the ether, leaving nothing but that endlessly spacious arrangement of snares and bass to well and truly topple the dance. Immense.

12inch Modern Love: Love054 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L