Brendon Moeller

Safari ep

Brendon Moeller - Safari ep

A1 - Traffic (new wipers mix) is a driving 'wide-screen' track which will turn the dancefloor into a heaving mass of frequencies and beats. A2 - Slight Transition takes the vibe very deep and simple genuinely less is more thought. B1 - Fixer. A syncopated groove is created with a heavy bass and dancing hi-hats going off like fireworks. Over this, Brendon Moeller totally surprised us by dropping what is definitey one of the great Mini-Moog solos of all time! B2 - Safari. After Fixer and nearly three eps of fine techno, Brendon Moeller takes us home in what can only be described as a spacy, jazzy, funky dub workout!

12inch Third Ear: 3eep101 € 9,99