Demdike Stare

Symbiosis Part 1

Demdike Stare - Symbiosis Part 1

Symbiosis Pt.1 is the first collaboration between Pendle Coven and Finders Keepers. The tracks are drawn from elements of Turkish, Indian, Iranian, African and West Indian film soundtracks alongside Norwegian drone records, classic house templates, punctured dub, modified techno and the arctic noise perfected by Mika Vainio (Sahko). Original sources and dense analogue experiments weave around eachother with little care for convention or stylistic expectation, instead throwing the pair’s extensive musical knowledge into a set of tracks that, quite brilliantly, defy categorisation. Suspicious Drone, is a dense 6 minute pulse that chugs a long like a malfunctioning mechanical beast, honing in on Lancashire’s dark industrial landscape before moving onto more exotic, balmy territory. Haxan Dub (named after the film narrated by William Burroughs about witchcraft) deploys fragmented dub echoes infused with displaced horns and African signatures, taking its time with one of the jerkiest rhythms you’ll have the pleasure of hearing, while Jannisary tangles in and out of an Iranian hook and a squashed Congolese rhythm that creates an asymmetric, geniusly constructed dancefloor killer. Running length: 30 minutes.

12inch Distort Decay Sustain: DDS001 remind