Marcellus Pittman

Erase The Pain

Marcellus Pittman - Erase The Pain

Another hot limited Marcellus Pittman release with 3 tracks. Already been played by Theo Parrish and Omar S. Dirty raw house tracks from Detroit! On a dark dance floor you will be given a glimpse into the heart and mind of Marcellus Pittman. FIT SOUND, a new imprint from Detroit,debut with an EP from the talented Detroit producer Marcellus Pittman. Erase The Pain, is a mutated acid banger carefully arranged to be absolutely devastating when in the right hands. Twisted bass lines and synths travel together and divert over a fierce jacking beat. Sync is a night drive through the city streets, but this night is strange because the sky has become purple. Grey buildings turn into unrecognizable forms. People standing on street corners, now appear to be zombies lurking in the darkness. Is this a nightmare or is this for real? Illa 5 Ela brings it all back to the days when you first felt love for that special somebody. Early white labels copies have been tested in clubs worldwide and the results are unanimous: KILLER. Follow Theo Parrish’s advice, “Don’t Sleep….Serious rugged service right here!”

12inch Fit: Fit001 remind