Pearson Sound


Pearson Sound - PLSN / WAD

We've only just recovered from his Soul Jazz 12'' the other week, but David Kennedy aka Pearson Sound has no intention of easing the pressure with another, and dare we say even better, release for his own Hessle Audio imprint. Both tracks here are infused with a glowing rave soul positivity that's bloody hard to resist either on your headphones or in the dance, where these cuts are specifically headed. It's also becoming clearly apparent that there's a need to separate his slightly tougher and techier Ramadanman alias from these productions, as the 90's house spirited 'PLSN' displays a lighter and more female friendly groove built from bubbling woodblock patterns and slow burning chord sequences that's not as easily categorisable as dubstep anymore. The accompanying 'WAD' moves even further from the dubstep shackles towards UKF territory with a crafty rhythmic framework of bright carnival percussion set at a shuffling 127bpm tempo with echoes of garage vocals, hypnotic rave syncopations and bashy bass bumps to certify this track's status as one of the smartest Funky mutations in circulation. If you love twisting your hips to owt from Kode 9 to Lil' Silva or Apple this will do you serious damage. Hugely recommended!

12inch Hessle Audio: HES009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L