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A Made Up Sound

Alarm / Crisis

cover: A Made Up Sound - Alarm / Crisis

A Made Up Sound bringing house for the emotionally unstable on #003… Drunkenly swaggering along, the punchy discofied-bass-clap-whatever ‘Alarm’ is owned by a pair of synth stabs that got out of bed with the wrong foot first. After an almost clowny breakdown, moody pads soon make clear this track ain’t funny at all... ‘Crisis’ on the b-side is all about restraint. Thick house-not-house beats and a thumping acid bassline move on and on while a vacuum cleaner blues and hazy will-o’-the-wisp-like strings slowly creep under the skin. Those who like it nice and shiny better think twice... Killer twelve!

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vinyl 12inch A Made Up Sound AMS003 not available remind