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California Flight

California Flight Project - California Flight

Two unreleased sides from California Flight Project. The group has been recording since the 70s but never released anything on vinyl until now. TIP! JERRY J JOHNSON, captain of California Flight Project has had his hands on the controls since the 70s, soaring far above the radar, and never landing until now. The Berkley California group has been performing and recording for years, even today, but their title ''California Flight'' was released only a few years ago on CD-R. For unknown reasons a vinyl record never launched in '80. So with PPU at co-pilot it's time for this sublime soul vessel to take off. Attention all passengers your California Flight number 1980 will be taking off shortly. Our destination will be to all radio stations, disc jockeys and discotheques, please secure your headphones for the sounds you are about to hear.. California Flight's gonna take you for a ride.

7inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU018 remind