Darkhouse Family

Family Trees

Darkhouse Family  - Family Trees

Debut 12 from Welsh production crew Darkhouse Family aka Don Leisure and Metabeats hailing from Cardiff & Barry.. Heavy synth-work, syrupy melodies, processed sample snippets with tough kicks and hard snares in a freeform collision make their debut EP a heavyweight production.. ''Stay Blazed'' as featured on Producer No.2 delves straight in knee deep..sweet yet edgy, building an uplifting energy leading perfectly into the rude 808 bump of ''Number 43'' with sirens and applause for the switch midway.. ''Mein Atari'' is a dangerous, skunked out bomb of console-slop with Mr. Dibiase's mix flipping the madnessas only he can. Finally, ''Mixed Grill'' smooths things on a deep and spacey 80's trip. Tip!

12inch Fat City: FC12034 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L