Population One

I Program My Computer Right

Population One - I Program My Computer Right

After the amazing View From Above EP on Frantic Flowers we simply couldn't resist to do another project with this guy. Detroit legend Terrence Dixon, the mastermind behind Population One, is a genius in the field of minimalism and reduction. As a truly unique character from the early Detroit techno era, always being true to his own style, this EP brings 4 new cuts in his typical and recognizable sound. Minimalistic monotone rhythms and weird loop constructions, always with the right tension in place, sometimes topped off with spoken words. On the title track 'I Program My Computer Right', a weird guitar loaded affair, Terrence Dixon is accompanied by Ulandra & Tiaria, supplying the vocals. Again a very collectible release on Frustrated Funk's Harbour City Sorrow!

12inch Harbour City Sorrow: HCS994 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L