Various Artists

potential / outerspace circus

Various Artists - potential / outerspace circus

The A side is a vocal take on possibly one of the rarest early hip hop records of all time. Whereas some people may have found it odd that a rap record started with Rick James type vocal wailing, only to end abruptly on the original, we decided to take out all the remaining 9 minutes of rap and focus exclusively on the singing. The result is a wild new rendition of an already holy grail classic. On the flip is one of those album cuts that seemingly should have never been released. A local private press job out of Chicago, IL: This three part song had no standard intro's or outro's, with each part having moments of brilliance and other moments of pure pain. A virtual one black man acid experiment gone wrong. It was a no brainer taking out all the trash and extending the real heart of the song with a homemade intro of our own. Reminiscent of Lonnie Liston Smith or any jazz funk masterpiece, this is a monster of a song!

12inch Truth Is Light: TIL010 remind