Ennio Morricone

Le Casse

Ennio Morricone - Le Casse

Filmed in Greece, this anthological car-chase film benefits once more from an outstanding soundtrack. The main theme, powerful and nervous, is the track we can’t forget, while the array of other tracks prove once again the talents of the Italian maestro. Originally released as a coveted LP, today Vadim has uncovered 2 missing tracks from the album. The first is variation on the main theme, a touch more pop, warmed by subtle vocals and a lighter rhythm. The b-side also revisits an existing track, the magnificent Rodeo, entirely re-orchestrated by Bruno Nicolai, Morricone’s loyal orchestrator and himself the composer of a number of now cult anthological scores and soundtracks. This 7” invites you to discover 2 rarities that complete and give a new perspective to a score that demands to be rediscovered without delay.

7inch Vadim: VAD030SP remind