Various Artists

Hiverned 1

Various Artists - Hiverned 1

Hivern with a new series of releases of edits of obscure tracks. To unveil the series we have chosen two rather different edits but that equally amaze us. In one side JT's “Party Girl”, a cosmic boogie burner that revamps a lost NYC underground classic. Mixing parts of the vocal and instrumental version's, JT delivers a dancefloor whirler that should easily find it's way into the “secret weapon compartment” of all the disco-DJ's bags. The other side is taken by Marc Piñol's incredible “Wheels” edit, a murky and kind of esoteric track that combines odd atmosphere's, down-pitched vocals and a synth- wavey feel to mind-boggling effects. The resulting track sounds like an impos- sible crossing between Hype Williams and some forgotten cold-wave act. The release comes in a 300 copies edition 10” vinyl wrapped in a special silk- screened sleeve designed by Arnau Pi. No digital and no repress with this one.

10inch Hivern Discs: HVNed01 remind