Ghost people

Martyn - Ghost people

Martyn is a beacon of hope through leagues of passion-less DJs and producers, the “ghost people”: plastic, hollow shells that focus only on the in-the-now grooves or keeping in line with trends.

Martyn’s inspiration stems from the old school mentality of connecting the dots, much like how Ron Hardy would tweak a soul track into a house groove, or Goldie sent processed breakbeats far into the future. Throughout his uncategorisable sound, Martyn gives nods to the electronic music that came before him: bringing back the energy of early rave, the deep builds of old jungle, the immersive and impulsive feel of an early Francois K DJ set. A veritable ambassador for scenes across the board, and across oceans, Martyn has a rare ability to bring sounds together, and unite the right people all the while.

2LP Brainfeeder: BF025 remind