Free To Be (Hunee remix)

Nicholas - Free To Be (Hunee remix)

After releasing over a dozen beguiling, befuddling, and playful disco edits, the Italian producer Nicholas is finally churning out his own original productions. The second single from his forthcoming flux album, Still Playing House, is a beast. Free To Be is a monstrous, house-submerged affair, as low-slung as they come and in a classic Murk vibe. Berliner Hunee delivers a spot on remix on the title track and brings it into deeper territory reminiscent of early Prescription releases. He is transforming the original mix into something fuller, warmer and almost epic. Down To Nothing is another slow pumping house nugget. With its soothing and soaring synths, ebb-and-flow arrangement, inviting melody and vocals, this is another bomb fitting every house set. Things get even slower with Why Don't You. A great house tune with a sensuous vibe. This is another strong Nicholas release for 4lux.

12inch 4lux: 4lux1105 remind