Various Artists


Various Artists - Beatitude

Adventurous as we want to be with Lowriders we strive to take it a step further with our first compiler: Beatitude. Beatitude is the first in a series of 5 compilers which will reflect the diversity of our interest in music. Sometimes Beatitude is skewed as a hoop and mad and scary, sometimes funky as hell, sometimes it goes deep into the soul, but always with a special groove! The artists selected seem to have selected to achieve this and created a beatitude. This exciting collection of music that moves in between electronic, hip-hop kinda post-Dilla, Skweee, glitch-house, 8bit and gives an idea what's going on in between the scenes all over the world, without getting bored with the usual suspects. 15 Tracks total on a limited handnumbered tape recorded cassette!

Cassette Tape Lowriders Recordings: LOW005 € 6,99