Bob Chance

Wild It's Broken

Bob Chance - Wild It's Broken

Fantastic re-issue by the Soft Rocks / Roots Unit guys! The first release includes is by LA rocker Bob Chance, with on the A side a previously test pressing only cut from 1973, that can best be described as psyche-rock-funk and aptly called Wild It's Broken. On the flip is a later version, now titled It's Broken, which increases the tempo and has some synth splashed over the top. A later rock-not-disco version did appear on Bob's debut LP from 1980 and this too has become sought after by the likes of Harvey etc and indeed this will be reissued later this year on Trunk Records. However, after collectors were looking for the LP, this previously unknown Test Pressing raw version turned up and the interest doubled.

7inch Emotional Rescue: ER001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L