Various Artists

Power Shuffles vol. 01

Various Artists - Power Shuffles vol. 01

Lowriders remains true to form, keeping it skewed, crooked, and freaky as hell, in their latest limited edition compilation.  The Power Shuffles EP compiles seven of the most forward thinking juke/footwork inspired tunes from all over the planet, into one vicious slab of vinyl goodness.  Created with a root in the Chi Town sound, but operating somewhere within the fringe between genres, this album delivers a hyper fusion of style. +verb kicks off the album with Cortex, a smooth and melodic, synth funk footwork masterpiece, oozing with soul.  EVS drops The Twin Paradox, where silky smooth pads and synths juxtapose a hard hitting beat that drifts into an almost hardcore tempo, making this tune a dance floor killer.  Julien Mier finishes up the A-Side with As It Is, a delightful little number, sounding like a glitchy wind-up music box filled to the brim with bubbling arpeggiation and crunchy beats. The flip gets darker with Acre’s I Don’t Waste Steps. This tune comes in with a woozy metallic hit that moves in and out of the ether, before unleashing vocal chops and beat syncopations true to the Chicago aesthetic.  Leatherface keeps it hood with Watch Me Do My Thang, a menacing anthem sounding like something on the soundtrack for a thugged out horror flick.  Damscray’s Real Street Stalkah is up next to destroy your ears with its relentless drums and punishing bassline.  Finishing up the B-Side is Work. A bone rattling, heavyweight, terrorizer brought to you by Motëm. 7 Tracks in total on a limited handnumbered vinyl, including silkscreened cover!

12inch Lowriders Recordings: LOW008 remind