Love Me Oh Please Love me

Bullion - Love Me Oh Please Love me

Absolute must have mini-album of songs from the golden one. Next to four of his own excellent compositions (with Mr Jenkins' own singing) is a delicous cover of Robert Wyatt's 'Age Of Self'... set to be one of the records of the year....looks super tasty - artwork by The 2 Group and Aaron Larney...printed on 300gsm shrink-wrapped sleeves. Bullion has come a long way since his 'Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee' became a viral sensation on the internet in 2008. He went on to record a string of releases for One-Handed Music - 'Get Familiar', 'Young Heartache' and finally 'Say Goodbye To What', which saw him loosening the assemblage points of his music, transposing sampled voices into new contexts, and creating a kind of modern, psychedelic cut’n’paste. Most recently was a 2 track single on R&S Records. On 'Say Arr Ee' and 'What Does She Know' Bullion replaced what would previously have been samples with his own voice and recorded instrumental parts.

LP Unknown: DEEK01 remind
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