Marco Bernardi

Never Ending Similarities

Marco Bernardi - Never Ending Similarities

Never Ending Similarities sees MB return to his home base Frustrated Funk to do what he does best. Pushing the envelope while still keeping the emotive part of the music on the foreground. Interfusion Biamp and Never Ending Similarities are two relatively new tracks, both crossing boarders of various different sub-genres, telling beautiful little stories with their gorgeous strings and harmonized synth chords. But for most people the main focus will go directly to Demonia. A slowly building and uplifting techno track, already released on the digital version of his 2009 album Switches, Drawers and Washing Machines that we kept aside especially for this 12''. MB proves once again that he still has his own signature touch that makes his music such a treat and a recommendation to any connaisseurs of fine techno music. Hotness..!

12inch Harbour City Sorrow: HCS992 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L