Tropic Of Cancer

Permissions Of Love

Tropic Of Cancer - Permissions Of Love

Brand new 12'' from Tropic of Cancer, one the most important realities in the modern post-punk and darkwave scene. The band consists of Camella Lobo and Juan Mendez, widely known for his minimal techno output as Silent Servant on the Sandwell District label. Though Tropic Of Cancer's sound has been called gothic, cold wave and drone pop, the band's take on their influences is anything but nostalgic. Lobo and Mendez have managed to imbue their own elusive gaze and craft a strangely beautiful and intoxicating sound in the wake of their predecessors. The three tracks on this new 12'' take us gently by the hand into a slowed-down opium dream - it's like watching the desert from the same stark corners where Lyciastood many years ago. This EP gathers the primal thrust of their bleak Post-Punk (think about Cultural Decay shaking hands with Section 25 in their psychedelic/buddhist years) and Minimal Wave aesthetics with this entirely new dimension in the music of TOC – heartfelt and deep. Cold waves have never been so warm.

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L