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Various Artists

The Electro Bundle

cover: Various Artists - The Electro Bundle

Attention: the audio samples do not contain all the tracks in this bundle, but only one audio sample per release! The electro bundle (electro being short for electronic, that is) is a special set, each containing eight different Milieu Music releases that are mostly out of print. These sets are a good way for someone new to the label to familiarize themselves with a lot of music at one time, at a discount price comparing to when you would have to buy each release separately. Musically, as the name suggests, this set focuses on electronic and beat-based works from the MM catalog. Some items in this bundle are not available separately! The set contains: 1. Coppice Halifax - Moss And Green (MML055, 3'' CD-R), 2. Coppice Halifax - Ocean Lion (MML040, 3'' CD-R), 3. Coppice Halifax & Foamek - Lush Q Trax Volume II (MML034, 3'' CD-R), 4. Milieu - S Is For Sleep (MMD017.01, 3'' CD-R), 5. Waterstrider (Milieu & Ten And Tracer) - Kojiro (MML024, 3'' CD-R), 6. Bike - Leafman Effect (MML074, 3'' CD-R), 7. Parallax - Revolving Clouds (MML031, 3'' CD-R), 8. Parallax - Blisschord (MML079A, CD-R).

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