Four Tet

Lion / Peace For Earth

Four Tet - Lion / Peace For Earth

Art print included. The final 12 inch in the series from the digital (only) album Pink and it really is one of the best...Lion is a beautiful yet still effective dancefloor track with moody synths with a nagging vocal stutter (like Daphni's Ye Ye), some lovely Chicago-style 808 drum riffs and a xylophone that comes in half way through - beautiful childlike sounds playing over a menacing groove. On the flip, Peace for Earth, clocking in at 11 and a half minutes, is the epic emotional ambient track from the album, not unlike Hatchback's White Diamond, Brian Eno or, yes, Boards of Canada, until 5 minutes in when it changes completely and heads off into a new direction. Initial ''limited'' pressing only comes with hand screen printed art print made by Jason Evans and Tazelaar Stevenson.

12inch Text Records: Text019 remind