Peel MD


Peel MD - Grip

With this release the obscure but legendary börft records from Sweden starts releasing some interesting electronic dancemusic again (after some resting years). The new format is MiniLP, longer playtime than an average 12'' but still DJ quality! PEEL MD is first out with this acidios travell that will make no resting moments but powerfull cruel groovy acid mood... Through their common appreciation for acid-artists such as Phuture, Bam Bam and Unit Moebius, as well as artists of such diversity as Autechre, Eurythmics and Killing Joke, they started to blend these influences with their own respective styles to come up with the concoction that is Peel MD. This is their debut release on vinyl. Limited edition of 250!

12inch Borft: Borft109 remind