Antoni Maiovvi

Stockholm Synthdrone ep

Antoni Maiovvi - Stockholm Synthdrone ep

From within fog and street lamps, Giallo Disco Records return continuing their journey into the mouth of madness with Antoni Maiovvi's Stockholm Synthdrone EP. Six tracks of sleazed out voodoo soundtracks for the dancefloors of no named clubs in strange cities. Including remixes by Cage & Aviary’s (DFA / The Walls Have Ears) Jamie Paton, New York Bloodwave pioneer Mircalla (Phantasma Disques) and Giallo Disco's own Vercetti Technicolor. Darkroom's electro-tech slimes along the floor like leather clad ectoplasmic spectres, furthering Maiovvi's own New Beat / Early Detroit fetish. Prisoner Nightdrive is a slow motion cinematic epic. Brooding FM Bass and polyrhythmic arps recall John Carpenter at his most tense. Voodoo Voodoo's Frizzi-Does-Dirty-House atmospheres could bring the dead back to life through battered floor toms, occult chants and a ghostly piano seemingly detuning itself. Lastly on the 12” EP is a dubbed out rework of Darkroom by Cage & Aviary’s Jamie Paton, right for a subtle and sordid place at 3am for those about to become lovers...

12inch Giallo Disco: GD002 remind
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