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cover: Autechre - Exai

Across Exai's two hours Sean Booth and Rob Brown’s eulogy to dying machines clanks and pounds like the engine room of a coal-powered ocean liner. Alien sounds emerge through smoke in fleeting clarity, then dissolve back into ether. It takes concentration to peer through the miasma, to gradually make out shapes and sounds and grow slightly more accustomed to Exai’s peculiar landscape without bumping into things. It’s an album that demands, and rewards, the attentive listener. 4 x heavyweight 180gram vinyl (download also included), each disc packed in its own printed inner sleeve. Housed in a rigid slipcase wrapped in Cairn Eco Kraft stock with clear foil block to front.

Medium Format Wish Stock Action
vinyl 4LP + MP3 Unknown Warp234 not available remind
cd 2xCD Warp Warp234CD in stock buy € 19.99
vinyl 4LP Warp Warp234 (Mint) not available remind