Various Artists

Night Slugs Allstars Vol 2

Various Artists - Night Slugs Allstars Vol 2

Night Slugs present the second volume of our Allstars compilation series. Allstars 2 charts Night Slugs move away from the early-digital world in which our music spent its infancy, and into a more developed, more textured universe. Allstars Vol 2 traverses many territories, from Girl Unit's replicant Latin Freestyle on Ensemble, Lil Silva's percussive half-time banger The 3rd, the dread-vogue of Kingdom's Stalker Ha to the uniquely warm stadium-size Club of Jam City's How We Relate To The Body, exuberant carnival techno on Helix's Drum Track (seeing digital release here for the first time) and the chrome-plated modern grime classic that is Bok Bok's original mix of Silo Pass. Yet the threads that link these apparently disparate tracks together far outweigh their differences and make for an immersive long-playing experience.

CD Night Slugs: NSAS002CD € 14,99