Perseus Traxx

Goddesses Of Inspiration

Perseus Traxx - Goddesses Of Inspiration

The Muses are the nine Goddesses who promote literature, science and the arts; the personifications of inspiration. Though only named and assigned characteristics as recently as the Roman era, they were revered by the ancient Greeks, who documented that them as having been recruited by the Egyptian God Osiris as he passed through Ethiopia prior to embarking on a tour of Asia and Europe to teach the arts of cultivation to mankind. Itís with this in mind that Perseus Traxx, makes his first release on Newcastleís Flight Recorder label, delivering an ode to four of them directly rather than the forms they have inhabited while they visit him. Bubbling and cutting, heavy synths and dusty tones are jammed out live to tape, ranging from the playful to the stark as they characterise the appropriately named tracks. An ordered tangle of wires and patching in a unique set of acid-free sonic experiments, that sometimes feel as cold and edgy, as they do warm and carefree.

12inch Flight Recorder: FLR006 € 9,29