The Ghetto Slang

Jann - The Ghetto Slang

"The Ghetto Slang" is the LOD records' first EP. Produced by Jann, French guy from Bordeaux, first release in his career. He tried to transcribe what Chicago and acid house mean for him. Tracks are produced in his studio in Saint Medard en Jalles in the suburbs of Bordeaux. He's used analog drum machines, effects and synthesizers like Miami, Juno 106 and Xoxbox. Collaborating with another french producer called Theorama, he decided to produce a powerful acid techno track, perfect for the dancefloor, that track, named "Die Tomorrow", was chosen by Ricardo Miranda to be remixed. The Chicago house veteran realized his remix adding a touch of class and deep feelings to the song, a real pearl of the EP. Energy, groove, deep pad and pure old school attitude are the elements of this first LOD Records' release, the second one is coming soon...!!!

EP Land Of Dance Records: LOD001 remind