Voyager - FAQ

Tempo Records is proud to announce & release three brand new tracks by Pete Parsons aka Voyager. Pete is known for his engineering work and various productions for cult labels such as Lucky Spin and DeeJay Recordings. Pete also released an album on Belgium's R&S label wich included a certain single called ''Hypersleep'', this classic track from the ''golden era'' is nowadays still considered as one of Drum and Bass defining musical moments. More classic releases followed on LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records label and Dj Fabio's Creative Source label.
Tempo Records picked three of Pete's latest releases, and since it's hard to describe them here's Pete's own words: ''All 3 of these tracks where written after I lost my dad earlier in 2013. ''F.A.Q'' is about a sense of wonderment, and inspired by a documentary I saw on some deep research on the origin of DNA, we all ask ourselves questions at some point, hence the, ''Who are we, where do we come from'' samples. ''LuvBLoved'' is a very special track for me, as it was the first thing I did after returning home after spending the last few months with my dad. The title was borrowed from an old Frank Sinatra song, which dad used at the end of something he wrote to me, which was: ''One of the most important things in life, is to love and be loved''. ''Big Picture'' can best be described as orchestral/cinematic melancholia''. This release comes as a limited 140 gramms clear vinyl pressing, including a mp3 download voucher and full artwork sleeve. Highly recommended.

12inch + Download Tempo Records: Tempo1203 remind
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