Gigi Masin

Talk To The Sea

Gigi Masin - Talk To The Sea

For their much anticipated second release 'Music From Memory' takes you into the world of Italian musician Gigi Masin, who was part of only a small and very much underground music scene in his hometown of Venice, Gigi Masin self released two modestly pressed LP's 'Wind' (1986) and 'Wind Collector' (1991). Gigi Masin's uniquely intricate and at times deeply emotive compositions take the listener into a realm of contemplation, a spellbound mind state where time and space appear to dissolve. His sparse and hypnotic often loop-based compositions seem to draw parallels with Detroit Techno's earliest beginnings, all at once conjuring those same feelings of both melancholic longing and ecstatic joy.

2LP Music From Memory: MFM002 € 21,99
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