Various Artists

Viare EP

Various Artists - Viare EP

VIARE is a 12'' compilation featuring 4 distinct tracks, each occupying their own wildly unique sub-genre of the house experience. 'Virgo Cluster' by Jonas Reinhardt fuses elements of cosmic disco and krautrock into a live transcendental package, with amazing guitar work by Phil Manley (Trans Am/Life Coach). 'Seven Miles Down' from London's Timothy J. Fairplay (The Asphodells) is a testament to Zombie Horror Cinema, featuring a pulsing dub-house beat that dives into cavernous sonic territory. 'Guave' by PLAzA is a playful dancefloor workout, that evokes a slow acidic line and classic Chicago house elements. Lastly, 'Back Outside' from Roche is druggy outsider house at its best, with an enormous subby bassline that complements a classic alien warehouse vibe.

12inch Voltaire Records: VR009 remind