The Redacted Files

ADMX-71 - The Redacted Files

Adam-X should need no introduction as he and his brother, Frankie Bones, pioneered techno in a post-disco, pre-Guiliani, New York City through the late-eighties and onwards past the nineties with countless productions under their belts and throwing renegade parties throughout the 5 boroughs.
Their record store Sonic Groove served as a hub for purchasing cutting edge electronic music from across the globe and was a meeting point for likeminded freaks throughout the city.

Fast foward to 2014, New York City is a shell of what it once was, people have come and gone with the corporate infastructure having eaten its way through any and all subculture.

No stranger to change Adam-X has adapted and explored numerous shapes and forms in his electronic music career from X-Crash, to Traversable Wormhole, to his ADMX-71 moniker, on this record, which he uses for more experimental and industrial productions.

Througout the three tracks on this record, we get a subdubed yet extremely tense vibe as the carefully composed sounds push and pull against each other slowly trudging to the next destination. Subtle changes throughout, these tracks present a unique take on the traditional EBM sound which upon every listen one will discover something new. Highly recommended for those into the darker territories.

12inch LIES: Lies052 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L