Jordan GCZ

Digitalis EP

Jordan GCZ - Digitalis EP

Jordan GCZ, aka Jordash from Juju & Jordash delivers for Future Times! 'Swingonoguitaro' hits a very unique place. Far from chopping up typical disco guitar licks, J runs a fierce house rhythm through varying six-string zones, from rainy day Slippertronics and Cocteau strums to the dusted, poly-rhythmic bends that warp the song's ending. 'Digitalis' starts as cold, snake-charmer funk that gets washed away in outrageous keys and hovering, molten electronics. 'Fusionfuk' closes the EP with a barrage of library gusto. Jordan showcases his amazing synth work on this one, destroying and rebuilding melodies at will.

12inch Future Times: FT-023 € 11,79