Various Artists


Various Artists - PN19

Prime Numbers are back with the next in their compiled EP series. The release starts with Modini, Following on from their excellent Turk EP for Dixon Basement Jams here they flip the script.'Attack Warning' fuses new wave & nu-beat styles with an almost ZTT-like sensibility. It's big, bold & direct with chopped vocal samples, an acidic bottom line & rock hard snares. Nick Sinna returns to the label with 'Come Again', a brooding piece with a distinctly UK feel. Various drum sounds are dextrously melded into a restrained afro tinged rhythmic workout. Luke Hess brings his own take to the track stripping back & tightening the elements whilst washing it in a Detroit solution for a more intense overall feel. Finally Hakim Murphy drops 'Synth Work'. Fantastically understated & ethereal the track draws you in with padded kicks, floating bleeps & squelched bass.

12inch Prime Numbers: PN19 € 8,99