Marcos Cabral

Buried Alive Twice

Marcos Cabral - Buried Alive Twice

Under his birth name, Cabral released a double lp of archive material on L.I.E.S. in 2013 which slipped under the radar yet set a precedent of what was to come as he took his sound back to his roots. Cabral has now delivered a fully realized lp of material for 2015 the aptly titled ''Buried Alive Twice''. Buried Alive Twice will not send you slam jacking to death, but rather slowly deliver you to the furthest ends of your mind. It's a subtle trip that if you're not careful will leave you smack in the middle of a Hanna Barbarra bizzaro world episode wondering how to get out of its twisted reality. It swims, sinks, pushes, pulls, drives, crashes, gets sent to the hospital, gets operated on and sent home through these six songs.

LP LIES: Lies059 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L